Anyone Who's the Mom of Their Friend Group Will Relate to These 11 Truths

Every friend group has a mom.

This is otherwise known as the friend who is on top of everything and continually makes sure her BFFs are feeling happy and content with their lives. You know who she is.

If you just-so-happen to play that role in your friend group, you'll definitely find the 11 truths below far too relatable.

1. You're basically the glue that holds your friend group together. Without you, there's no way they'd be able to function.

2. You give the best advice. No one tells it like it is quite like you do, and your friends definitely appreciate that.

Amy Poehler as Regina George's mom in 'Mean Girls'

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)

3. You're on-call for your friends at all hours of the day. If they're experiencing an emergency, they know they can reach out to you for help.

4. You're always checking in on your friends to see how they are doing throughout the week. You know that texting a simple "How are you?" goes a long way.

Amy Poehler and Rachel McAdams in 'Mean Girls'

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)

5. You're insanely organized and always feel the need to tidy up. Your friends' parents love when you come over, because they know you'll spend some time helping your bestie clean her room.

6. Your bag is full of literally everything. From snacks to bandages, you're always prepared when duty calls.

7. You support your friends like no other. You're their number one cheerleader and they know you'll always be there for them on the sidelines.

Amy Poehler as Regina George's mom in 'Mean Girls' videotaping their talent show performance

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)

8. You're constantly reminding your friends to do their homework, which annoys them to no end, but they know you mean well.

9. You're not exactly the life of the party. While your besties may love having late-night hangouts, you'd much rather end the night early by crawling into bed around 9 p.m.

10. You're the ultimate planner. You're a pro at coordinating get-togethers that work with everyone's schedule.

The Plastics and Regina George's mom in the kitchen

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)

11. Your friends legit call you "mom," and not in a sarcastic way. It's more in like a my-life-would-be-a-complete-and-utter-mess-without-you-in-it sort of way.


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