Mom Pays Daughter $300 To Quit Facebook

Three hundred dollars to quit Facebook?  That was the incentive college student Alyssa Rushing was offered by her mother this semester.

Alyssa's mother was so concerned about her excessive social networking that she cut her this deal:  Go one month without logging into Facebook, earn 300 dollars.  Enticed by the cash, Alyssa accepted.

"It's very hard," Alyssa admits. "It was actually a lot harder the first couple of days… I didn't know I was truly addicted."

In order to help her kick the habit, the University of South Carolina's roommates switched her login passwords for her.  This has resulted in an extra three or four hours of free time each day.  Alyssa boasts she has begun turning in assignments early.  "It's definitely made me see I could spend my time more wisely…Now that I see I can stay off it…I might not even go on every day."