My Mom Reviewed Every Item in the Mother's Day Collection From Lush—Here's What She Had to Say

No one drops a holiday collection quite like Lush.

From Christmas and Halloween to Easter and Valentine's Day, no celebration goes by without a little bit of love from Lush. And Mother's Day is no exception.

The cosmetics company released an adorable collection of bath bombs, bubble bars and more that are perfect gifts for the occasion.

Normally I'd happily review these items myself and give you my two cents, but because I'm not a mom (nor will I ever be one!), I decided to turn to the one woman who I knew would be ideal for the job—my mom!

Ashley's mom posing with her younger sisters

See that gorgeous woman standing between the two average looking girls????? That's my lovely mother—who did not pay me to compliment her beautiful appearance—with my two younger sisters.

After my weekly Lush visit, I delivered her the Mother's Day collection and tasked her with reviewing all of them.

They may be mother-tested, but are they mom-approved? Scroll below to find out.

Yellow Mom Bath Bomb

Scented with lemon, orange and a hint of rose, my mom was taken by the aroma. She also was a fan of its adorable thematic design.

"I loved the smell of this one," she said. "Its design is super cute for Mother's Day and would make a great gift."

Yellow Mom bath bomb from Lush


Pink Mom Bath Bomb

Like its yellow counterpart, my mom loved the design and refreshing aroma of this pink bath bomb. She also appreciated what it did for her skin.

"It left my skin smelling good and feeling moisturized," she noted.

Pink Mom bath bomb from Lush


Elise the Giraffe Bubble Bar

This is by far the cutest item in the collection, and my mom couldn't agree more. She was a fan of its bold lemon, lime and grapefruit scent.

"It's so cute and it's nice that it's reusable," she said. "It produced lots of bubbles that were truly refreshing."

Elsie the Giraffe bubble bar from Lush


Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar

The most colorful bubble bar out there, my mom knew this was a clear winner.

"I loved the rosewood and grapefruit aroma of this bar," she said. "The bubbles were really colorful, which made my time in the bath so much fun."

Your Mother Should Know bubble bar from Lush


Ups-a-Daisy Bath Bomb

My mom had no problem crowning this multicolored bath bomb her favorite over the others in the collection.

"It was definitely my favorite bath bomb," she said. "It was really fun watching it dissolve into an array of colors in my bath. And the sweet scent was enticing. It also left my skin feeling totally moisturized once I was done in the tub."

Ups-a-Daisy bath bomb from Lush


Yummy Mummy Shower Cream

My mom's favorite color is purple, so she instantly took a liking to this strawberry-scented shower cream.

"It smelled really, really good," she noted. "I was obviously a big fan of the color, but I also liked how soft it left my skin."

Yummy Mummy shower cream from Lush


Pink Custard Shower Jelly

At first, my mom was a little skeptical of this vanilla-scented shower jelly. Eventually she came around.

"This jelly is a really fun color and fun to use," she said. "It lathered really well and smelled delicious. I almost wanted to eat it."

Pink Custard shower jelly from Lush


Baa Bar Bubble Bar

Producing soothing rose and clove-scented bubbles, my mom enjoyed the relaxing aroma of this bubble bar.

"I almost fell asleep in the bath," she noted. "It was probably one of the most relaxing baths I've ever taken."

Baa bubble bar from Lush


Sunrise Soap

While my mom was a fan of this soap's great orange fragrance and how soft it left her skin, there was a particular reason she fell head over heels for it.

"Soap is normally so slippery and difficult to use, but this one wasn't," she said. "It also lathered up faster than any other soap I've used."

Sunrise soap from Lush


Honey Lip Scrub

If there's one product my mom was utterly obsessed with, it was this lip scrub.

"It scrubbed so well and I could really feel it working," she noted. "It also tasted so good. I use a generic one from Ulta and it doesn't even compare to this one."

Honey lip scrub from Lush


The Top Three

While my mom enjoyed all of these products, she had no problem picking her three favorites.

She raved for days about the Honey Lip Scrub, so I wasn't shocked when she picked it as her ultimate favorite from the collection. Coming in at No. 2 was the Ups-a-Daisy Bath Bomb for its colorful display. And rounding out the top three was the Yummy Mummy Shower Cream, because "it's purple and smelled wonderful."

My mom is clearly a fan of this collection, giving it the Mother's Day seal of approval. She believes it'll make a perfect gift for every mom out there, so shop the collection HERE.


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