These Charming Accessories Double as Exclusive Passes to Private Photo Albums

We always thought wearable technology was all about fitness trackers and smartwatches, but Momenta is something entirely different.

Momenta's charm necklaces and key rings are designed to help people share their memories by collaborating on digital photo albums. Their Kickstarter campaign launched today, Feb. 13, and the creators lent us a demo version of the product to try for ourselves.

Woman touching her Momenta pendant necklace

(via Momenta)

They're also unique because there's nothing technological or electronic about the sterling silver charms themselves. An outsider would never know that the cute charm on the end of your necklace or keychain hid something more under the surface.

Momenta heart keyring

(via Momenta)

Rather than any technical components, the charms instead have a removable plate, held in by a magnet, with a six-digit code printed on the underside. Typed into the Momenta app, this code grants the user access to a private online photo album, which can also be shared with friends and family to let them see the photos or even contribute more memories.

Momenta pendant necklace with hearts

The charms can be used to celebrate a specific moment, like a momentous trip or an amazing concert, or you can use one to represent an entire friendship or relationship. This also means you don't have to keep Momenta charged, since everything is accessed through your phone.

Momenta pendant in jewelry box

This unique experience is far more personal than simply sharing Instagram or Snapchat links, or texting images. Plus, when you're not using it to look at your photos, you've got a cute accessory to wear. Both the pendant with a sterling silver chain and the keyring are available in exchange for a $45 pledge to the product's Kickstarter .

The charms are super personalized, too. There are 100 engraving designs to choose from, or you can spend an extra $10 to come up with a custom design with the help of Momenta's graphic artists.

Momenta 100 symbols

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We like the idea of giving a Momenta necklace as surprise a gift, pre-populating a photo album full of your best memories with a friend or family member before they see it for the first time. It's a very sweet gesture, and from there, it can grow into a personal online photobooth where you can both add your favorite pictures.

It's also possible to set up Momenta so that only people currently in a specific location, or people close to your current location, can see and access it, which has some interesting implications for events.

When we fiddled around with the demo version, we got to see a mockup of what Momenta would actually let us do. Firstly, we had to gently remove the charm from the pendant holder by separating them with our fingers. While this wasn't difficult, we did manage to drop it on the floor when opening it. We wouldn't recommend popping the pendant on the go, because it's pretty easy to push too hard and lose the charm if you aren't careful.

Open Momenta pendant necklace with hearts

When we went to the mocked up "app" and entered the code engraved on the bottom side of the charm, we got to see a premade photostream of a cute couple and their various adventures together. It could be sorted by most recent images, as well as by albums and by the location where the photos were taken. Clicking on each photo let us see who uploaded them and when, and revealed that images could be favorited or commented upon, as well as downloaded.

We didn't get to upload or engage with any photos on Momenta, but based on the demo, we think it will be pretty intuitive. While it will probably never replace our social feeds, it could be fun to share photos privately with friends.

Best friends wearing Moment pendant

(via Momenta)

The Kickstarter page is live now, working toward a goal of raising $25,000 by March 15. If they reach that goal, the keychains and pendants are expected to ship in October 2018.


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