Why Little Leaguer Mo'ne Davis Should Be Your #WCW

Little League Baseball pitcher Mo'ne Davis turned 14 just last week, but she's already one of the most promising athletes of the generation. If Mo'ne isn't already your #WCW this week, here's why she should be.

If you're not familiar with Mo'ne Davis, she was the first female pitcher in history to win a  Little League World Series game. She pitched a shutout, meaning she pitched the entire game and didn't allow any of the batters on the opposite team to score. Not many athletes can say that!

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How did Mo'ne pull off the feat? She has one of the fastest pitches in Little League history.

"I throw 70 miles per hour. That's throwing like a girl."

Of course, her skills haven't gone unnoticed. She's the only Little League player, male or female, who has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated.

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Plus, she's in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Mo'ne Davis Baseball

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AND she's getting her own Disney Channel Original Movie called Throw Like Mo. Mo'ne says she'd love to be played by China Anne McClain.

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Not a lot of people get their own shoe line at 13, but Mo'ne has done just that. She worked with M4D3, also known as Make a Difference Everyday, to design some sweet sneakers for a cause. A portion of all sales goes to the Because I am a Girl initiative!

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Did we mention she's also a writer?  She documented her story in Mo'ne Davis: Remember My Name. It's a great read, BTW!

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And while not everyone's a fan, Mo'ne graciously responds to criticism. Ater a Bloomsburg University baseball player said something rude about Mo'ne, he lost his spot on the team. Mo'ne quickly wrote an email to the school's president asking the school to reconsider. 

"While I admit I was pretty hurt when I read his comments, I felt sad that he was dismissed from the team. As many people know, my dream is to play college basketball and maybe even professionally. I know how much hard work and dedication it will take to get there, and to have that dream taken away would be heartbreaking. I am sure Joey Casselberry has worked very hard to get where he is and dreams of playing in the major leagues. For this reason, I'm asking you to please allow him back on the team so that he can continue to chase his dream. He made one dumb mistake. I'm sure he would go back and change it if he could. We all make mistakes and deserve to be forgiven. I hope you will give him a second chance and allow him to play."

Who else would do that?

Lastly, Mo'ne is anything but a one-hit wonder. Though she's famous for baseball, she's also an avid soccer player, and she's got her eyes on the WNBA. She's already got a job with the Harlem Globetrotters nailed down after college!

Are you obsessed with Mo'ne Davis as we are? Who's your biggest sports #WCW? Share with us in the comments!