This Monkey Adopted a Chicken and It's a Match Made in Heaven

This monkey was having trouble developing a love connection, so she decided to build a family of her own.

Niv is an Indonesian black macaque who resides at the Ramat Gam Safari Park in Israel. Niv has been fairly unlucky in love, and hasn't yet found a partner to share her life with. However, she recently found a new sidekick to offer her love and support.

In the past week, Niv has been spending time with a baby chicken that wandered into her enclosure. Despite the fact that chickens and macaques usually don't get along, this pair seems uncharacteristically attached to one another.

Niv grooms her new baby, cuddles him, and even picks him up when she feels danger. The chicken feels no need to escape from his new mother, and seems perfectly content with her protective attitude.

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