9 Monkey Viral Videos You MUST See Before Monkey Kingdom

The Disneynature documentary Monkey Kingdom is out in theaters across the country today, telling the story of the toque macaque, Maya, and her baby, Kip, who must adapt to life in the city when a powerful group of rival monkeys drives them away from home. If you love animals, it's a must-see… and so are these funny, informative and most importantly, cute, viral monkey videos!

monkey kingdom viral videos you should watch

1. Macaques warm up in a Japanese hot spring

2. Annie the Bernese mountain dog and Louie the baby macaque are sweet BFFs

3. This teeny tiny pygmy marmoset chows down on a seemingly huge macaroni

4. A capuchin cuddles with a litter of newborn pups!

5. One of our favorite classic viral vids of all time, a baby monkey riding on a pig!

6. This baby Francois langur is incredibly cute or creepy, depending on who you ask

7. Capuchin monkeys understand fairness. Check out the amazing experiment! 

8. Monkeys love to observe and copy behavior… like this one doing the dishes

9. This precious capuchin named Mercurio is super sleepy. Look at that little face!

Did we miss any of your favorite monkey vids? Share with us in the comments, and be sure to check out Monkey Kingdom in theaters starting today!