Mono B On Their Latest Athleisure Launch

It's pretty safe to say that ever since the start of COVID, most of us have been living in our comfy clothes for a majority of the time.

And can you blame us? We spend most of our time inside, so what's the point in getting all dressed up every day? That's where Mono B comes into play. They just launched their athleisure line, and let us say—we want every single piece. Interested in learning more about Mono B as a company? Keep scrolling for our full interview with them.

Sweety High: How long has Mono B been around? What's your story?

Mono B: We've been around for 12 years! Established in 2009, we design and produce distinct multi-occasion fashion for women and men. Our vast collection includes high-performance activewear, athleisure apparel and loungewear. We believe in putting quality first and foremost. We have found the balance between utilizing the highest quality materials and giving you fair and affordable price points. We started out in wholesale and are so happy to report that we joined the retail world December 2020.


SH: What made you decide to get into the athleisure side of things?

MB: We felt there was a miss in the industry for "fashionable activewear," or what we like to call it, athleisure! We wanted to make activewear that was more everyday wear, while also being comfortable and fashionable. Our goal is to make clothing that you can stop and breathe in but also live in. Work-life balance in clothing form!


SH: What does a typical customer look like? 

MB: We make athleisure for every body! Our customer is anyone and everyone. Our sizes range from XS- 3XL. We have plans to expand our size range even more in the future.


SH: What activities are your athleisure pieces good for? 

MB: The best part about our athleisure is that we make it for all of the above. We don't believe in an item of clothing being for just one activity. We design our athleisure with versatility in mind always.


SH: What are the must-have pieces every girl needs to own?

MB: Anything from our Recycled or Tactel line. The colors and fabrics are great for everyone, but especially teen girls. Some of our favorites include the Art Deco Leggings and Sports Bra, as well as the Textured Leopard Leggings and Sports Bra.


SH: What has it been like running a business during Covid?

MB: It hasn't been easy, but we're making the best of it and adapting constantly. We've been very blessed to be in an industry that is thriving. We've minimized contact between employees and switched our operations to more online. The health and wellbeing of our employees is our No. 1 priority.


SH: Anything else our audience should know?

MB: We want you to feel good in your skin! We hope that you will find comfort and confidence wearing our athleisure.


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