Are You More Like Belly or Taylor in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Whether you read The Summer I Turned Pretty series years ago or are a new fan because of the TV show, we can all agree it's a sweet, coming-of-age story.

The new Amazon Prime series is based on the books by Jenny Han (aka, the author of To All the Boys I've Loved Before) and is an absolute must-watch. If you've already binged the show, we're willing to bet you love Belly and her bestie Taylor. Interested in finding out who you're more like? Continue below to find out!

Taylor is always down to party, while Belly would rather stay in:

It's pretty clear from the get-go that Taylor and Belly are opposites in a lot of ways. Taylor always seems to be trying to get Belly out of her comfort zone and get her to parties. Which one are you more like in your real-life friendships?


Belly is more into one-piece bathing suits, while Taylor would rather rock a two-piece:

There is nothing wrong with wanting to rock a two-piece over a one-piece, and vice-versa! In fact, one-pieces are making a major come-back these days, and if you're more inclined to grab a set, you might identify better with Taylor.


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Taylor will travel to visit her bestie, while Belly would rather stay put:

There are two types of summer people—those who want to travel around and do all of the things, and those that would rather stay put. If you're more inclined to visit different places, you might be more like Taylor, but if you'd rather have a home base for the summer, Belly might be more your speed.


Belly likes multiple guys at a time, while Taylor can't keep her mind off of one particular guy:

If you've ever been in the middle of a love triangle, you know how awkward it can be. Some people, like Belly, just can't make up their minds about who they like most, while others, like Taylor, have their eyes set on one person. But hey—the one person she's crushing on is her bestie's brother, so bad habits seem to be a thing with this duo!


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Taylor is down to play match-maker, while Belly would rather be the one being set up:

Belly is torn between quite a few guys, but her bestie Taylor thinks she knows what's best for her and tries to play match-maker all of the time. From faking an injury to playing games in the pool, Taylor isn't opposed to forcing her thoughts onto her friend.


Belly is timid, while Taylor is more on the wild side:

Over the course of the first season, we see Belly go from a timid wallflower to the life of the party, and we think that's in large part due to her best friend Taylor. Taylor has always been a bit more on the wild side, and we think that may have rubbed off a bit on Belly—in the best way!


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Taylor isn't afraid to cause problems, while Belly would rather please everyone:

We all come across people in life who are either people-pleasers or those who aren't afraid to stir drama and cause problems. Taylor is the type of friend who will say exactly what she's thinking (often times without a filter), while Belly would rather everyone be happy.

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