You NEED Morgan Taylor's New Clueless Collection

If you didn't know about Morgan Taylor'Clueless collection, it's okay, there's no need to feel like a bonehead.

The new nail polish collection features some truly stunning hues that perfectly capture the Clueless vibe. Available in 12 electric shades, there's a color for every Cher, Dionne and Tai out there. Just continue below to get a look at all of the totally buggin' colors!


Oops, My Bad!

Oops, My Bad! is a shattered glass glitter overlay color.

(via Morgan Taylor)


So Check It

So Check It is a sage green crème color.

(via Morgan Taylor)


Ugh, As If

Ugh, As If is a mustard yellow crème color.

(via Morgan Taylor)


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Highly Selective

Highly Selective is a light pink metallic color.

(via Shutterstock)


Adorably Clueless

Adorably Clueless is a princess pink crème color.

(via Morgan Taylor)


Driving In Platforms

Driving In Platforms is a poppy coral crème color.

(via Morgan Taylor)


Powers Of Persuasion

Powers Of Persuasion is a violet crème color.

(via Morgan Taylor)


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Total Betty

Total Betty is a sky blue crème color.

(via Morgan Taylor)


She's A Classic

She's A Classic is a hot pink crème color.

(via Morgan Taylor)


I Totally Paused

I Totally Paused is a red punch crème color.

(via Morgan Taylor)


Let's Do A Makeover

Let's Do A Makeover is a marigold crème color.

(via Morgan Taylor)


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Two Snaps For You

Two Snaps For You is the lightest pink with party glitter color.

(via Morgan Taylor)


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