The Most Aesthetic Pimple Patches to Combat Pesky Acne Breakouts

We all know the annoying feeling of waking up to a gigantic pimple on our faces. But thanks to the creation of pimple patches, fighting acne can now be a subtle accessory and keep you from leaving more scars by popping and picking at them.

While your average, clear pimple patches will get the job done, you can take the fight against acne to the next level with a fun, colorful patch to match your outfit, makeup look or current pop-culture obsession. If you're looking to elevate your skincare game, we've found the most aesthetic pimple patches to end your next breakout.

Starface Micro-Cloud: $17.99

Starface was definitely the pioneer of cute pimple patches when they released their iconic stars in 2019. Since then, they've grown their collection with more colors, shapes and new products beyond the patches to soothe your skin.

Amongst their expansion are these pastel, cloud-shaped patches. Like their original patch, the micro-cloud uses hydrocolloid to target the early stages of a pimple but also microdart technology to infuse niacinamide and salicylic acid into your skin and keep your pores clear.

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The Crème Shop BT21: Brilliant Skin: $8

At this point, you can probably purchase anything BTS-themed.

The adorable pimple patches from The Crème Shop feature all eight BT21 characters to reduce inflammation and prevent hyperpigmentation. They're also infused with zinc to clarify your skin, and they come in three different sizes to attack pimples of all shapes and sizes.


squish. Flower Power Acne Patches: $14

Bedazzled pimple patches are something we never knew we needed until now.

The squish. flower-shaped patches are best for people with sensitive skin and are touted for their non-drying, non-irritating ingredients. The best time to use these are when you have a juicy pimple—apply it overnight, and it'll be flat in the morning.

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Truly Blemish Treatment Acne Heart Patches: $13.90

These sweet, heart-shaped patches work similarly to the squish. patches but with sustainable packaging.

If you're familiar with the Truly brand, you'd know how well-packaged and high-quality their products are. The brand prides itself on its clean ingredients, and we can attest they have some of the best items that won't irritate your skin.

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BH Cosmetics Sorry Not Sorry Pimple Patches: $8

Not only does BH Cosmetics encourage an unapologetic mindset with the "Sorry Not Sorry" pimple patches, but they also come with three different shapes to match your current attitude with a sun, moon or cloud.

No matter which season you're in, you can clear your skin of dirt and bacteria while looking gorgeous with these pimple patches.

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