All the Things We're Excited to See in Gabby and Rachel's Season of The Bachelorette

Season 19 of ABC'The Bachelorette may have just begun, but we can't help but already be completely sucked into this season.

After all, not only are there more Bachelorettes than ever before (two, to be specific), but there are more contestants than ever before, too! With that said, there's a lot to be excited about in Gabby and Rachel's season of The Bachelorette, starting with:

1. The Incredible Leads

We couldn't help but fall in love with both Gabby and Rachel during Clayton's season of The Bachelor—in fact, they really were a couple of the only highlights of his season. They're both incredible on their own, but are still finding ways to work so well together in a first-of-its-kind season with co-Bachelorettes sharing the lead role.


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2. The Gowns

Double the leads means double the gowns, and we just can't wait to see what the team of stylists whip up for our beloved Bachelorettes throughout the season! Night one already started off with a bang. Between the intricate slit of Rachel's dress to the deep color and neckline of Gabby's, we're so excited to see more (not to mention the finale proposal dresses, which are sure to leave us all as pleased as the lucky men who get engaged at the end).


3. Gabby's Facial Expressions

Gabby is a queen for many reasons, but one we can't ignore is her incredible facial expressions that speak for us all in tense moments and funny ones alike. As things heat up throughout the season, we'll be watching her face closely for all the meme-worthy content we could ever wish for.


4. The Dates

Every season of the show is full of plenty of dream-worthy dates, but with leads as amazing as Gabby and Rachel, we expect nothing less than dates that are just as breathtaking. Plus, we get twice the one-on-one dates with double leads, and we all know that these dates are the real jealousy-inducing ones anyway.


5. The Travel Destinations

Clayton's season of The Bachelor was the first in years that we got to see dates head abroad once again, and it's safe to say we all loved it. Romance at the mansion is one thing, but romance in a gorgeous foreign country? Nothing compares. We're extra excited because it looks like our leads this season are heading to the city of love itself: Paris!


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6. The Jokes

Between Gabby's inimitable one liners, host Jessie Palmer's wholesome dad-like humor and Rachel's overall adorableness, the jokes this season are already flowing. As connections continue to strengthen and there are group dates galore, we couldn't be more excited for the jokes that are sure to pop up throughout it all.


7. The Men

And finally, we couldn't finish off this list of things we're excited to see in Rachel and Gabby's season of The Bachelorette without mention one key thing: the men! There are more contestants this season than ever before, and many of them have already struck the fancy of at least one of our leading ladies—if not both. We're ready to see more of these guys this season, especially since they've already been good at shutting down drama in the house in order to better focus on building connections. Fingers crossed for more of this energy, guys.


With that said, we also couldn't help but notice a few standouts among the men this season. While we have no predictions (clearly, considering one guy on this list has already taken his ride home), we sure do have some favorites—who you can read all about based on our premier impressions by clicking right HERE.