The Most Delicious Fast Food & Snack Items Releasing Soon

For all the foodies out there, this spring and summer are stacked with hot, new releases from your favorite restaurants and brands.

From Burger King's new Miles Morales-inspired Whopper to a sparkling strawberry-flavored Sprite, there'so much to crave. Below, we've found eight of the most mouth-watering new fast food menu items and snacks that need to be on your radar.

Burger King Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Red Whopper

Burger King just announced the collaboration of our dreams with a Miles Morales-themed burger.

This drool-worthy meal comes with a flame-grilled Whopper (which has a Spider-Man red bun and black sesame seeds) and a Spider-Verse sundae topped with red and black popping candy.

miles morales whopper burger king

(via Burger King)


Chick-fil-A Honey Pepper Pimento Chicken Cheese Sandwich

Chick-fil-A began testing the Honey Pepper Pimento Chicken Sandwich in 2020 with no news of it becoming an official menu item. Sometime this summer, Chick-fil-A will finally launch the sandwich, which includes their signature filet, honey drizzle, pimento cheese and jalapeños.

Hero shot since this has honey on bottom. Use upper half of sandwich from Studio-127 since this includes honey on top bun.

(via Chick-fil-A)


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Pizza Hut Cheesesteak Pizza

As pizza and cheesesteak lovers, we could not be more excited about this new offering from Pizza Hut. The cheesesteak pizza comes with crispy sirloin steak strips, alfredo sauce, green pepper and onion.  This savory menu item is available now as a regular pizza and as a melt.

Pizza Hut Cheesesteak pizza

(via Pizza Hut)


McDonald's Oreo Frappe

The last time McDonald's had the Oreo frappe on their menu was all the way back in 2015. Since, TikTok users have created a makeshift version of the item by blending Oreos from the McFlurry into a caramel or mocha frappe. If you've been using the menu hack, your life just got a lot easier: beginning May 17, the Oreo frappe will return.

McDonald's Oreo Frappe

(via McDonald's)


Strawberry Lymonade Sprite

Sprite is one of our favorite sodas, so hearing the news of a new flavor might have made this the most exciting release on this list. Unlike other soft drinks, Sprite rarely rolls out new flavors, with their most notable nonstandard flavor being the popular Lymonade drink. This summer, Sprite takes Lymonade a step further, now delivering a limited edition strawberry version.

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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Sammie

Between the McDonald's Oreo Frappe and this new ice cream from Ben & Jerry's, this summer is the season of Oreo's return. Ben & Jerry's discontinued the fan-favorite a few years back, and they've finally brought it back in time for the warm weather. Ice Cream Sammie is inspired by ice cream sandwiches and Oreos, and it's sure to keep you cool all summer long.

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Sammie

(via Ben & Jerry's)


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Kettle Brand Special Sauce Chips

If you love Cane's Sauce, Dave's Sauce, Animal Sauce or even Big Mac Sauce, you will love Kettle Brand's newest flavor, the Special Sauce. This chip is supposed to be reminiscent of barbecue, honey mustard and ketchup. They're rolling out now, so stay on the lookout at your local grocery store!

Kettle Brand Special Sauce

(via Kettle Brand)


Flamin' Hot Bar-B-Q Flavor Fritos

Flamin' Hot is one of the most common flavors for chips, and we're always anticipating what snack will unveil its own Flamin' Hot release. This month, Fritos turns up the heat! The Flamin' Hot Bar-B-Q flavor will succeed their Flamin' Hot corn chip flavor.

Frito's Flamin' Hot flavor

(via Fritos)


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