6 Things to Get You Excited About the Start of Fall

While many of us are sad to wave the summer goodbye, the season that follows is full of things to get excited about.

Whether you call it fall or autumn, here's a few reasons you should be getting excited for it to start:

A young woman smiles while sitting on a picnic table surrounded by autumn leaves

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1. Sweater Weather

Yes, summer clothes are cute, but the sweat stains that often come along with them are not so much. When the sweet spot of fall temperatures kick in, we can finally swap our sandals for boots and tank tops for sweaters. It's basically an opportunity to rock a whole new, much cozier wardrobe, and what's not to love about that?


2. Fall Flavors

Whether you're a fan of pumpkin spice or one of the few who takes great issue with the earlier-and-earlier release of the famed latte each year, there'at least some fall flavor out there for everyone. Even if pumpkin isn't your jam, the smell (not to mention taste) of apple pie, cinnamon and even autumn squash soup and other savory treats is hard not to enjoy.

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3. The Best Holidays of the Year

Fall brings fall holidays along with it, and these are pretty much inarguably the best holidays of the year. Halloween means candy, costumes and all sorts of spooky delights, no matter if you're still trick-or-treating or have moved on to scary movie sleepovers to celebrate. Then comes Thanksgiving, a holiday dedicated simply to food and family (but mostly food). Whether you choose to embrace the Black Friday shopping madness that follows or choose to simply sleep off your turkey/tofurkey, you've got to admit this is a solid highlight of the year.


4. Autumn Activities

Apple picking, pumpkin patches and hayrides, oh my! These days, it doesn't matter if you live somewhere where the leaves turn those gorgeous amber colors starting in September or where palm trees and sand are more the year-long aesthetic, as every area has some kind of fall festival or festivities to enjoy. Try something new this year, like your first haunted house or hayride, or having a pumpkin carving competition (and don't forget to make a yummy snack with the seeds after).

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5. Cuffing Season is Coming

Hot girl summer is coming to a close, which means cuffing season is getting ready to begin. It doesn't matter if you plan on dating, are already coupled up or are happily single as a pringle, everyone can enjoy the real-life reality show that is watching couples get together during this time of year. Not sure what cuffing season is? We've got everything you need to know, just click HERE.


If you can't wait for the start of fall and are already coming up with caption ideas for all the cute snaps you'll be taking while enjoying everything listed above, you're not alone. Click HERE for some cute captions to use once the leaves start turning.