The internet is a dark, scary place—even when it comes to nails!

We’ve scoured page after page to bring you a collection of the most horrifying nail trends online. Which one would you try?

Face Off

As if getting your own face on your nails wasn’t creepy enough, adding chunks of hair really pushed the envelope for this look.

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Hairy Situation

If you like a side of gagging with your manicure, this is the trend for you. Not only is it completely impractical, it will guarantee you get hair in your food every time you eat.

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Coral Disaster

If you’re thinking about not using your iPhone, laptop or any other device that relies on your fingers for typing, this is the mani for you! We all love a good beach scene, but this scary coral design takes it a wee bit too far.




Dead Mosquito Graveyard

Typically we want to stay far, far away from dead bugs, but clearly this manicure has something different in mind. When it comes to baking dead mosquitoes right into the design, this is one trend we are okay to pass on.

dead mosquito manicure

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Eye See Your Ugly Nails

As if the hairy design wasn’t terrible enough, the veiny eye art just pushes it over the edge.

eye manicure



Eating With Your Hands

Mother always said to not eat with your hands. Unfortunately, that would be quite impossible with this manicure.
cutlery manicure



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