8 Motivational TikTokers to Follow RIGHT Now

If you are looking for some motivation but don't know where to start, TikTok is the place to be.

Although TikTok can be a time suck, it can also be a place to seek out inspiration and get your creative juices flowing, if you know where to look. That's why we've gathered some of our favorite motivational TikTok accounts that share the best advice on friendship, relationships and life in general.


This TikTok account gathers all of the best inspirational quotes from all over the place, from movies to actors, lectures and more. It provides powerful and significant lessons and tips on life, relationships, courage, fear, love and so much more.

@motiveforsuccess Watch till the end 🙏 #powerful #motivation #inspiration #worrying #tdjakes #mindset #foryoupage #CapCut ♬ original sound – motiveforsuccess



Wealthlock is an account that posts daily reminders, advising on all aspects of life. The narrations over their beautiful scenic videos are captivating as well as powerful. Follow them to join the journey to hear how to get through each and every day.

@wealthlock I will be that friend that's there 🙏 #motivationalclip #inspirational #friendshipquotes #goodfriends #bestfriendsforlife #virall ♬ original sound – xgilham


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Joseph does all kinds of TikTok vids, from hacks to recipes and more, but our favorites are his realistic advice videos. He's real, raw and he wants to help his followers in whatever ways he can. He makes us laugh, keeps our spirits high and adds new recipes to the kitchen every week. Give Joseph a follow for an all-around great TikTok experience.



The mental health brand Madhappy is bringing their incredible insights to TikTok, snipping their podcast into sections of inspirational conversations with people like Tinx, Emma Chamberlain and Dixie Damelio. We love the way they make it so accessible to get involved in the discussion around mental health.

@madhappy "I'm getting back to that person who came out here with a dream." @STEPH SHEP ♬ original sound – Madhappy



Hayden started a podcast and inadvertently became somewhat of a life coach. He gives insight into many profound topics like self-actualization, as well as discussing his favorite books, breaking down famous quotes and so much more content. He's brilliant, and you should definitely check him out.



Nicky Reardon is unapologetically himself with his incredible advice. He sits in his room and gives tips that are actually great, but in a joking manner. He's lighthearted yet passionate about giving powerful guidance every day.

@nicky.reardon🐸☕️♬ original sound – Dr. Doofenshmritz


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This account, too, features valuable clips from many different speakers. They are inspiring, heartwarming and sometimes painful, breaking down everything that's important in life.

@anxietygangofficial Facts 🙌🏻 #quotes #fyp #foryou #friendship ♬ original sound – AnxietyGangOfficial


Minted Reality is another great account that shares compelling quotes from influential speakers, with unique insights that will totally change the way you look at life.


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