Sure, you’ve heard of BTS and BLACKPINK, but what about the lesser-known groups in the world of K-pop?

While others may not have hundreds of millions of fans (yet), they worked incredibly hard training for their K-pop industry debuts just the same, and they deserve just as much recognition for their incredible talents as singers, dancers and personalities. Close to a hundred K-pop groups debut every year, each trying to break through and become successful in the industry, and with a market so saturated, not every group can survive. Below are five severely underrated K-pop groups that deserve more recognition.



Vav is one of the most talented boy groups we’ve ever come across. They’ve gone through a few member changes since their debut in 2015, but manage to keep their distinctive style throughout each comeback. Their current members are St. Van, Baron, ACE, Ayno, Jacob, Lou and Ziu, with music blending everything from EDM and R&B to Latin pop. Our favorite song by the group has to be “THRILLA KILLA”—it’s a complete vibe from start to finish.


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At one point, it seemed EVERGLOW were on their way to becoming overnight sensations, then their momentum seemed to fizzle out a bit. Nonetheless, this group is extremely talented and a true embodiment of what it means to be girl crushes. They only have a handful of songs out right now, but none of them have been misses. We highly recommend checking out “Adios” to get started on the EVERGLOW train.



P1Harmony is another group with a limited, yet impressive discography. They just have that it factor in their songs, in their music videos and in performances that set them apart from the pack. Another big factor in this group’s talent is their versatility. From beat changes and rap flow switches, they can really do it all. You won’t regret checking out their must-listen track, “Pyramid.”


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When K/DA were first announced as a virtual group based on League of Legends characters, it was tough to wrap our brains around the concept—but once we understood more about their image and interchangeable members, we realized just how cool the idea was. The group consists of members from other girl groups such as Soyeon from (G)-Idle, while also hosting vocals from western artists including Madison Beer and Bea Miller. From the catchy lyrics to their innovative concept, they have everything needed to make them the next big thing. They’ve gotten pretty big in the gaming world, just not as much in the K-pop world. Check out “More” to see what they’re all about.



Last but certainly not least, we have VICTON, another criminally underrated boy group. Their songs go hard—and we don’t just mean the beat. The members execute vocals flawlessly, knowing when to be crisp versus drawn out. They bring a unique tone to each and every song, and combined with their impressive rappers, they are one of a kind. Just listen to “Mayday,” and you’ll be as obsessed as we are.


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