Mostly Ghostly 2 With Bella Thorne and Ryan Ochoa!

Check out the first trailer for Mostly Ghostly 2: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend?, which stars Bella Thorne, Ryan Ochoa, Calum Worthy and more!Mostly Ghostly 2 Have You Met My Ghoulfriend

In this sequel to 2008's Mostly Ghostly, Max Doyle (Ryan Ochoa) is back and doing his best to make it through high school!

Max has never been very popular or athletic, and his older brother Colin (Calum Worthy) doesn't make the situation any better with endless taunting and pranks. On top of that, he can also see ghosts!

Max has a huge crush on the most popular girl in school, Cammy (Bella Thorne), and he manages to set up a date with her on Halloween night!

It seems things will finally go right for Max, before an evil ghost names Phears shows up. He unleashes an army of the undead, sending Max's Halloween night for a loop when he sends a ghost to possess Max!

With the help of his two ghost pals Nicky and Tara (Roshon Fegan and Madison Pettis), Max will do what he can to prevent Phears from taking over the world, and still make his date night with Cammy!

The Mostly Ghostly films are based on the series of the same name by Goosebumps writer R.L. Stine! Mostly Ghostly 2: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend releases on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 2, so stay tuned!

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