Laura Marano Vs. Olly Murs In #MostMeowsinaMinute Challenge!

MTV has declared this week Break the Record Week, asking celebrities to take part in fun, unprecedented challenges, and potentially break the world records. Yesterday, stars took the #MostMeowsinaMinute challenge with some purrfect results.

laura marano vs olly murs mostmeowsinaminute grumpy cat

Tardar Sauce, AKA Grumpy Cat, teamed up with Kat Graham (obviously) for a video stating the contest rules. Tardar did not seem amused.

Victoria Justice managed a spectacular 251 meows in a minute

Olly Murs and Laura Marano went head to head in a meowing contest. We won't spoil who won!

Shawn Mendes tried his best to reach 189 meows

Nick Jonas meowed a pitiful 16 times. Was he even trying?

After watching all of these videos we're sure you're meowed out. Let us know which video you were most impressed with in the comments below, and show us your own meowing abilities at Sweety High.