9 Free Things You Can Do for Your Mom This Mother's Day That She'll Actually Appreciate

Mother's Day is this Sunday. Do you know what you're doing to celebrate the leading lady in your life?

If not, don't fret. We have a few free ideas to help you show appreciation for mom on this momentous holiday.

Keep reading for some simple ideas that will leave a major impression:

1. Go a step above the classic making her breakfast in bed by actually making it in her bed. No pots and pans required. Throw on some of her fave tunes in the background, and you've got a party.

2. Put all your blood, sweat and tears into washing her minivan—okay, minus the blood and tears!

3. Do the dishes or take out the trash without being told to do it. She'll finally see you as responsible, which was your plan all along.

4. Post a pic with your mom on Instagram. This is guaranteed to make you her favorite child, or your money back.

5. Speaking of siblings, be nice to them. At least just for Mother's Day, and then you can go about tormenting each other once it's 12:01 a.m. on May 14.

6. Teach her how to use Snapchat. Maybe then she'll finally understand your obsession with face-swapping during those oh-so-serious family dinners.

7. Or even—dare we say it—stay off your phone for the entirety of the day and have an actual convo with your mom. It's a thing, trust us.

8. Let her watch what she wants to watch on Netflix. After all, she's probably paying for the subscription anyways, so she definitely deserves to see a show or movie of her liking.

9. Rounding out the list, tell your mom how much she genuinely means to you. We're being completely serious when we say a simple "I love you" or "I'm so lucky you're my mom" will melt her heart.


If you've got a little extra time and want to go above and beyond for your mama this Mother's Day, get your craft on by making one of THESE DIY gifts for her.