For Mother's Day, Give the Gift of Light!

Girl Up and the United Nations Refugee Agency have teamed up this Mother's Day to make a difference in the lives of girls and women in Ethiopia.the gift of light mother's day girl up

This Mother's Day, you can give the gift of light to women who really need it. Many people who live in refugee camps have no access to electricity, meaning that once the sun goes down, they're left in complete darkness.

This Girl Up project is raising money to donate solar-powered lanterns to refugee camps in Ethiopia.

For just $38, a girl in Ethiopia will receive one of these solar lanterns. The light will not only helps her be safer after dark, but will allow her to study and do school work at night to get an education that will help her secure her future.

Click here to visit the donation page and learn more about this project. You can really make a difference!

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