6 Gifts You Definitely Shouldn't Give Your Mom This Mother's Day

Ah, Mother's Day.

It's a chance to show your precious momma just how much she means to you. Unfortunately, some gifts don't quite communicate your affection.

While we know it's hard to find the perfect offering for the woman who gave you everything, that's no excuse for handing them a substandard present. Keep scrolling for six gifts you definitely shouldn't give your mom this Mother's Day.

A Vacuum Cleaner

We don't care if it's the nicest vacuum cleaner on the planet—do not give your mom something that implies she should be focusing on the housework. Not only is this gift low-key rude, it's also just annoying. It has no sentimental or affectionate value. Plus, it will probably cause your mom more stress than happiness as she realizes that her kids can't think of anything better than a vacuum cleaner for the day that's supposed to honor her.

black vacuum cleaner next to white shoes on a blue and white carpet

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Cleaning Products

Much like a vacuum cleaner, any kind of cleaning products are not a good Mother's Day gift. First of all, if your mom needs cleaning products, she can probably buy them herself. Second of all, the better gift would probably be to just clean. Your mom—or your parents together, depending on your situation—is more than capable of figuring out the cleanliness and overall maintenance of their home. They certainly don't need a reminder from you. And on Mother's Day, no less.


Kitchen Supplies

The last in the line of insulting gifts, don't buy your precious momma kitchen supplies on Mother's Day. Odds are, she has enough already. We have to make it clear, we're not excluding fun gadgets like a breakfast sandwich maker or countertop garden. But if you're planning to buy her a new pan or a spatula… please just don't.

dirty dishes siting in a sink

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Homemade Coupons

Homemade coupons are cute in theory, but deeply annoying in practice. They're the classic "I didn't know what to get you" gift. They take almost zero effort and little to no thought, especially because they've become so overdone in recent years. If you want to impress your mom, just do some of the things on the coupons on Mother's Day. Don't push your gift into the future and force her to ask you for it because she probably won't do it.


A Self-Help Book

Do we even need to explain why this is bad? Beyond subtly implying that you think your mom needs to work on herself, it's yet another throw away gift. Your mom has plenty of stuff to do without adding the often-unhelpful ideas of a self-help novel to her list. Plus, she certainly doesn't need to know the areas that you think she's failing, especially on Mother's Day.

pink wrapped present with a gold bow

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Anything From the Drugstore

This includes candles and mugs, sorry. Your mom deserves a little extra love and thought on Mother's Day. Popping over to the drugstore and throwing the first thing that catches your eye into a bag doesn't really communicate a whole lot of affection. Try for something meaningful that conveys how much you care. We promise she's received enough mugs and candles to last a lifetime.


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