These Three Luscious Mother's Day Bath Bombs From Lush Make the Perfect Gifts

Mother's Day is just a few days away, but that doesn't mean it's too late to snag the perfect gift for mom.

If you think yours would enjoy a luxurious spa day at home, Lush might be your one-stop Mother's Day shop. Their bath bombs are as fancy as they are fun. Best of all, they're not too expensive, and we are big fans. The folks at Lush sent us three of their Mom's Day bath bombs to try ourselves, and here's what we thought of them:

Iris Flower Bath Bomb: $6.95

Lush's Iris Flower bath bomb smells like spring, combining powdery florals with sharp citrus notes to create a scent that recreates the great outdoors. Before you gift it to mom, be sure to take out that little scroll of yellow paper and scrawl a secret Mother's Day note for her on it. Once you're done, tightly roll it back up and pop it back in. That way, she'll receive her message just as the bomb starts revealing its true beauty.


The bath bomb has a pink base and is topped with glittery purple petals. Once placed in the bath, it bubbles away, making laps across the tub and leaving pretty, opaque streams of pink water in its wake. The purple iris petals up top take a bit longer to dissolve, but when they do, they fill the tub with a luxurious purple shimmer. If your mom is obsessed with the color pink, she'll love taking a soak with this bomb.

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Wild Butterfly Bath Bomb: $5.25

Not enough bath bombs come in unique and playful shapes, which is why we're big fans of the sunshiny Wild Butterfly bath bomb. It boasts bold red and yellow colors, with an orangey scent that perfectly matches the sunny spring theme.


In the tub, this fizzy bomb takes flight in the bath, twisting all around as it dissolves, spreading a fragrance that combines a refreshing forest-y scent and orange oil. Once it's done, it leaves the water a vibrant orange color. Best of all, it doesn't leave a lot of colorful residue in the bath once the water has drained—which is perfect if you don't want to force your mom to clean after she pampers herself.

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Madame President Bath Bomb: $6.95

The Madame President is just the bomb to make mom feel like a superhero. This bath bomb's colors practically scream confidence and power, combining the color schemes of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel into one incredible-smelling bomb. It's scented with grapefruit and a fresh woodsy scent that gets even better once the bath bomb starts to dissolve.


From the second this bomb hits the water, it starts filling the tub with luscious red and blue colors. Each of the stars also expels tons of bubbly fizz, causing the bomb to bob and weave around the water. As the bomb dissipates, the red and blue combine to form a gorgeous royal purple, with the yellow star dissolving most slowly, gradually adding tons of gold sparkle and sheen to the water. That gold glitter looks so spectacular throughout the rich purple water. Not only will it leave mom all sparkly, but it'll leave her skin feeling silky smooth, too.

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