The Only Snow Shoes You'll Ever Need

Even though I live in sunny San Diego, California, I still find myself in the snow all the time during the winter months.

With Big Bear just a few hours away and upcoming trips to Colorado and Utah, I have a lot to look forward to! But wearing my Converse simply won't cut it on icy and snowy grounds. So when the team over at mou offered to send me some snow boots, I jumped at the chance. Look below to learn all about the brand and the Chunky Eskimo Sneaker I tried out from mou.

The Brand

mou is a luxury footwear brand that started in London—more specifically, the city's famous Portobello Road! If you're into European fashion, like me, I think you'll absolutely love the styles mou has to offer. And with fans like Cameron Diaz and Gwenyth Paltrow, you just know the brand is good.


The Boots

Chunky Eskimo Sneaker: $365

I was specifically looking for a shoe that could survive in cold, snowy conditions, and after browsing the site, I decided on the Chunky Eskimo Sneaker. They're relatively light (lighter than my Doc Martens) and don't take up a lot of space, which is great for me since I plan on putting these into checked luggage! I decided to go with black because most of my warm/snow clothes are darker and black.


(via mou)

Upon opening the shoe box, I was ecstatic. Not only were they even cuter in person, but they gave off a subtle shine, too! Handcrafted from double-face sheepskin with wool stitching, these detailed boots seem like they were made for me. They keep my toes nice and toasty and the fur on the inside is ultra-soft—they're literally softer than my nice slippers!


(via mou)

And while they're called sneakers, I consider them to be more of a sneaker/boot hybrid. The thick and supportive rubber sole gives me some height while also protecting me from slipping on ice and snow. The traction is perfect and I think anyone who plans on spending lots of time in the snow needs to get their hands on these babies.

I chose the cracked black/grey color, but this same exact style also comes in stone metallic and dust iron. Plus, the adorable silver hardware on the back is to die for. You truly can't go wrong with any choice since they're all great, neutral options.


(via mou)


Bottom Line

I honestly couldn't be happier with my mou shoes! I'm glad I chose the Eskimo style because not only are they very comfy, but they're cute, too! Whether I'm wearing these around town during the colder months or in snow situations, these are sure to keep me warm and the cold out.


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