5 Mouthwatering Valentine's Day Gifts to Send to Your S.O.

Let's face it, we can't all be skilled when it comes to the kitchen.

Some of us can cook gourmet meals, while others can barely make a piece of toast. With Valentine's Day upon us, it's time to start thinking about what sweet treats you want to send to your partner. If you seriously can't bake a cookie to save your life, we recommend purchasing something pre-made and delicious.

Keep reading for five mouthwatering Valentine's Day gifts to send to your S.O.

1. Bixby & Co. Valentine's Day Heart Bon Bon Assortment: $16

If your partner is into vegan and gluten-free options (that taste like the real thing), look no further. Bixby & Co. offers an assortment of bon bons for Valentine's Day, and they're all enclosed in a gorgeous red box. If your S.O. feels like sharing, there's plenty to go around! The flavors included are Blood Orange Caramel, Yuzu Hibiscus Ganache and Passion Fruit Ganache—yum! It's a fun take on bon bons, and includes lots of unique, tasty flavors.

bixby and co chocolates

(via Bixby & Co.)


2. Cookie DŌ's Valentine's Day Taster 6-Pack: $40

We're pretty sure we're not the only ones who've gone to town on raw cookie dough. Seriously—who can resist? Most people say to avoid eating it raw, but with Cookie DŌ NYC, you're promised safe-to-eat food. Their Valentine's Day tester pack includes the following flavors: Signature Chocolate Chip, Cake Batter, Sugar Cookie, Brookie Dough, Gimme S'more and Dunkadōo. Plus, if raw cookie dough isn't your thing, you can also bake it (even though raw cookie dough is way better in our humble opinion).

cookie do nyc

(via Cookie DŌ)


3. Milène Jardine 'Live By Love' Chocolate Truffle Gift Box: $45

When you're dating someone who's extremely cultured, it's important to get them a gift they'll truly appreciate. Milène Jardine is a great option, because they're all about diversity and travel. Their "Live By Love" truffle box includes five types of chocolates inspired by five different countries. The names of these flavors are Tradition, Sanctuary, Goddess, Puriste and Serenity. We're seriously obsessed—not only with the backstory behind these chocolates, but with the taste, too!

milene jardine chocolates

(via Milène Jardine)


4. Shari's Berries Gourmet Valentine's Dipped Strawberries: $34.99-$74.99

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a total must when it comes to sweets on Valentine's Day. It's a classic staple and one that we'd honestly eat year 'round. Plus, when they're as cute as these ones from Shari's Berries, what's there even to consider? Purchase these adorable and yummy goodies for your S.O.—we promise they'll love them (and if not, more for you!).

shari's berries

(via Shari's Berries)


5. The Popcorn Factory Eat Your Heart Out 5-Tier Tower: $59.99

Whether your partner is a total movie-buff or they just love all things popcorn, this gift from The Popcorn Factory is one they'll definitely appreciate. With multiple popcorn flavors, chocolates and other candies, there are enough options for both of you to enjoy. We think it would be a super cute idea to gift this to your S.O., along with a copy of their fave movie. It's simple, heartfelt and won't hurt your wallet.

the popcorn factory

(via The Popcorn Factory)


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