Move Over R-Patz, We've Got a New Brit Obession: Douglas Booth

Welcome Douglas Booth a.k.a Robert Pattinson 2.0.

This young British hottie has been on our radar ever since we did a post on his supposed relationship with Miley Cyrus! After seeing this old interview that has surfaced, we are totally obsessed with his cuteness.

The rising British qt will be playing Miley's love interest in the "coming of age" movie "LOL," a movie he had an "amazing time filming."

He also commented on the great cast, saying,  "It was a fantastic shoot with such a great young cast. It was not really like work."

He also shared how he is a big fan of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts and how "Tom Hanks is such an inspiration and I can really only aspire to his greatness."

But the most adorbs thing he reveals is how he plays the trumpet! Can he not right now? We are totally obsessed and can't wait to see him in "LOL!"