Which Weird Movie Friendship Is the Most Like Yours?

Which weird movie friendship reminds you of you and your BFF? The new movie Grantham & Rose is out today, telling the story of the unlikely bond that forms between a Grantham, 17-year-old boy in a juvenile detention facility and his 81-year-old mentor, Rose. The film got us thinking about more of our favorite bizarre movie pairs. Which one do you relate to?

Vote for your favorite unusual onscreen duo! Grantham  & Rose, Timon and Pumbaa, Eve and Wall-E, Marty McFly and Doc Brown, Rocket and Groot, Shrek and Donkey, Indiana Jones and Short Round, Sully and Mike Wazowski, Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz

Timon & Pumbaa

the lion king timon and pumba

TIMON: A fast talking, smart-aleck meerkat who can do the hula

PUMBAA: A massive and slow moving, slow thinking warthog with a stink problem

Wall-E & Eve

wall e and eve

WALL-E: 700-year-old trash compactor robot with a heart of gold and an awesome collection of Rubik's Cubes

EVE: Sleek, sophisticated, kind of mean, gets really excited about plants

Marty McFly & Doc

back to the future doc brown and marty mcfly

MARTY McFLY: High school student, adorkable, obsessed with his girlfriend Jennifer, is NOT a chicken

DR. EMMETT BROWN: Way old, steals plutonium from bad guys, invents time travel, loves his fluffy white dog, Einstein

Rocket & Groot

rocket and groot guardians of the galaxy

ROCKET: A cybernetically enhanced raccoon who loves weapons almost as much as he loves money

GROOT: 10-feet-tall, basically a big walking tree, kind but deadly, can only say the words "I am Groot."

Shrek & Donkey

shrek and donkey

SHREK: Big, green, mean and stinky, like an onion

DONKEY: Furry, never shuts up, loves to sing, has a thing for dragons

Indiana Jones & Short Round

indiana jones and shortround

INDIANA JONES: Handsome, professor of archeology, loves adventure but hates snakes

SHORT ROUND: 11 years old, pickpocket, skilled driver and karate master

Sully & Mike Wazowski

sully and mike wazowski monsters inc

SULLY: Big and blue, super scary but kind and loving

MIKE WAZOWSKI: Way better at comedy than scaring, basically one big green eyeball with arms and legs, would make a great Broadway musical star

Wreck-It Ralph & Vanellope von Schweetz

wreck-it ralph and vanellope von schweetz

WRECK-IT RALPH: A gorilla-sized villain who dreams of being the good guy, loves wrecking things, doesn't usually get invited to parties

VANELLOPE VON SCHWEETZ: 9-year-old Sugar Rush racer, video game glitch and forgotten princess

Anyone we missed? Tell us! Also click here to check out Grantham & Rose and let us know your thoughts by voting. You can become part of our community at Sweety High to make some unusual friends of your own.

Which Weird Movie Friendship Is the Most Like Yours?

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