5 Movies You'll Relate to as the Coronavirus Takes Over Your Life

Whether you're sick of hearing about it or not, COVID-19 isn't going anywhere in the immediate future.

Lots of us have been closely monitoring the news in search of the latest information on the Coronavirus in order to stay safe. During these trying times in the states and across the globe, chances are, most of us will limit our exposure to the outside world. And you know what that means? More time to watch content that feels your pain.

If you're in the mood to watch movies about viruses, pandemics and more, keep scrolling for the five movies you'll relate to as the Coronavirus takes over your life:

1. Contagion

This 2011 psychological thriller is eerily similar to the Coronavirus and what we're currently experiencing. A virus hits the world, starting in Hong Kong, through food (creeped out yet?). It rapidly spreads, killing millions and millions. Amidst the chaos of identifying and curing the virus, people stock up on food, water, medicine and anything else they need to stay indoors. Warning—Contagion is not for hypochondriacs!


2. Maze Runner

For the bookworms who are into dystopian novels, Maze Runner might be a series you've already read. Turned into a science fiction film, the premise follows a group of young people who are in the center of a manmade maze. It's about how they band together and form a functioning (or not) society. This is the perfect film to watch during these trying times, as we're able to see how people help one another during distress.


3. The 5th Wave

Our girl Chloë Grace Moretz stars in this film about five "waves," or occurrences that happen on earth. Some of the waves include loss of electricity, natural disasters and a deadly strain of the flu. We follow how she survives each of the waves, and what it all means for humanity. We know what you're thinking… it's not quite like the Coronavirus, but let us tell you, it hits close to home!


4. World War Z

While we aren't in the midst of a zombie apocalypse (yet), World War Z will give you all the feels during these difficult times. The film is about zombies essentially taking over the world, and mankind's race to find a cure and put a stop to the mayhem. It's definitely a nail-biter, and one you won't want to watch alone. While it's not too scary, it will feel pretty real.


5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

We love this movie primarily because of the main character, who just so happens to be an ape. As a baby, he's taught incredible skills and grows up to be one smart monkey. As you can probably tell from the movie title, as an adult, he's able to create an uprising with his fellow ape friends. It's pretty terrifying to think that he's capable of doing such a thing, and the film captures that very real fear perfectly.


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