The Best Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day If You're Alone

Ugh, Valentine's Day.

While it might be romantic and heartwarming for those in a relationship, being single on a holiday dedicated to celebrating love can feel pretty lonely. It's at those moments, however, that we like to turn to our favorite movies to remind us that being alone isn't all that bad.

If you're looking to make the most out of your isolation, keep scrolling for the best movies to watch on Valentine's Day if you're alone.

Legally Blonde (2001)

If you want a reminder that you might be better off on your own, look no further than the powerful Elle Woods. Even though she starts her story pining after a boy, she soon realizes how limiting it can be to chase after someone who doesn't want you, instead of figuring out what you want. It's the ultimate story of becoming your own person, and it's funny enough to get you out of your head on Valentine's Day.

Legally Blonde - Elle Woods watching football

(Legally Blonde via Paramount Pictures)


Little Manhattan (2005) 

You can still celebrate love on Valentine's Day without spiraling into a pit of pain about how single you are. Thankfully, Little Manhattan celebrates the utter terror and excitement of first love in a way that's completely removed from anything you might currently be dealing with. It follows 10-year-old Gabe through all the ups and downs of his first real crush, putting a sweet, youthful spin on the magic of falling in love.


(Little Manhattan via New Regency Pictures)


Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) 

Although it technically ends in a happily ever after, Breakfast at Tiffany'doesn't follow the typical rom-com route. At its core, the movie communicates that love doesn't always happen they way you think it will, much like everything else in your life. It's a feel-good movie, but one that won't make you sad to be alone.

breakfast at tiffany's - holly golightly eating breakfast

(Breakfast at Tiffany'via Jurow-Shepherd)


John Tucker Must Die (2006) 

While we don't necessarily condone seeking revenge on a terrible ex, we do have to say we adore the message of this movie. When four girls find out that John Tucker has been dating all of them at once, they're determined to get back at him. Not only does it take a cynical, sarcastic and comical approach to love, it also has a surprising message about the power of friendship. Basically, it's exactly what you need to get over being single on Valentine's Day.

John Tucker Must Die four girs

(John Tucker Must Die via 20th Century Fox)


Moana (2016) 

One of the only Disney movies that doesn't feature a romantic relationship of any kind, Moana is the perfect way to remind yourself that there's so much more to life than just falling in love. Plus, the music is incredible, giving you the perfect excuse to dance around and have a truly joyous Valentine's Day.


(Moana via Walt Disney Pictures)


Pitch Perfect (2012) 

Instead of focusing on the romantic relationship you don't have, why not spend Valentine's Day thinking about the powerful friendships you do have? Pitch Perfect is all about unlikely bonds that create powerful partnerships, all intertwined with some true jams. And for the sensitive among us, there is a slight dose of romance, but not enough to compound on your Valentine's Day loneliness.

pitch perfect - the bellas in their flight attendant uniforms

(Pitch Perfect via Brownstone Productions)


The Princess Bride (1987) 

If you have no problem celebrating love while still being alone on Valentine's Day, then you have to watch The Princess Bride. Not only is it a classic, it also offers the right dose of humor amidst heartwarming romance to bring out all your emotions on the most feelsy day of the year.

The Princess Bride: Wesley and Buttercup saying goodbye

(The Princess Bride via ACT III Communications)


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