The Complete List of Movies We Can't Wait to See in 2019

New year, new movies.

To be honest, new entertainment is all we really care about.  And thankfully, 2019 is set to be a year of stunning new releases. From long-awaited Marvel content to stunning Disney remakes, we already have tons to look forward to this year.

So get your popcorn ready and keep scrolling to see the complete list of movies we can't wait to see in 2019.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part 

Release date: Feb. 8

It's five years after the first Lego movie, and everything is less than awesome in Bricksburg. In fact, things are looking quite bleak, as the city is attacked by invaders from outer space, who are wrecking everything faster than the town can rebuild.

The Lego Movie 2

(The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part via Animal Logic)


Alita: Battle Angel 

Release date: Feb. 14

While we're not entirely sure what to expect from this adventurous story of one young woman's journey to discover herself and change her world, we're definitely drawn to the stunning blend of live-action and CGI that we've seen featured in the trailer. Written by James Cameron, this film is sure to include stunning visual effects and an action-packed storyline. 

alita: battle angel

(Alita: Battle Angel via Twentieth Century Fox)


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 

Release date: Feb. 22

In what is perhaps the last movie in the How to Train Your Dragon series, Hiccup discovers that Toothless isn't the only Night Fury, forcing him to seek out a hidden world of dragons.  Of course, things can't be that simple, as the gang must discover the Hidden World before an evil tyrant destroys their way of life. 

How to train your dragon: the hidden world

(How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World via DreamWorks Animation)


Chaos Walking 

Release date: March 1

Our favorite Spider-Man, Tom Holland, returns to the big screen in an entirely new role in Chaos Walking, a dystopian story adapted from the YA book, The Knife of Never Letting Go. Not only are there are no women in this world, all living creatures can also hear each other's thoughts, creating quite a few issues for the protagonists of this story. 

chaos walking

(Chaos Walking via BRON Studios)


Captain Marvel 

Release date: March 8

Set in the '90s, this film not only adds to a long list of Marvel classics, it's also the first MCU movie to focus solely on a female superhero. It's a well-timed precursor to Avengers 4, but it's chock-full of all the girl power our MCU movies have been missing.

captain marvel

(Captain Marvel via Marvel Studios)


Where'd You Go, Bernadette

Release date: March 22

Also adapted from a popular YA novel, this film focuses on Bee, a 15-year-old girl trying to track down her missing mother, who suffers from anxiety.

Where'd you go Bernadette

(Where'd You Go, Bernadette via Annapurna Pictures)



Release date: March 29

Finally, we come to our first Disney movie on the list—a live-action remake of Dumbo. This story features the same lovable elephant with the oversized ears, including an added twist primarily due to Tim Burton's directorial style.


(Dumbo via Walt Disney Pictures)


Pet Sematary 

Release date: April 5

While we're not big fans of horror films in general, we have to admit that this adaptation of Stephen King's novel looks intriguing. It focuses on Louis Creed, a normal suburban dad who discovers that the pet cemetery near his home has the power to bring the dead back to life, complete with a few disturbing side effects.

pet sematary

(Pet Sematary via Paramount Pictures)


Avengers: Endgame 

Release date: April 26

We seriously can't talk about this new Avengers movie without completely losing our minds. We're still rattled from the end of Avengers: Infinity War, and we just need everything to be fixed in this new film. Basically we'll be holding our breaths until the April release of Avengers: Endgame. 

avengers: endgame

(Avengers: Endgame via Marvel Studios)



Release date: May 3

If you've ever felt guilty about calling these little toys ugly, this movie is basically here to make you feel worse. In this film, the UglyDolls struggle with their desire to be loved and confront their fears about being different.


(UglyDolls via Troublemaker Studios)


Pokémon Detective Pikachu 

Release date: May 10

In this blockbuster Pokémon movie that combines live action and animation, a boy meets an intelligent talking Pikachu that just so happens to be a detective.

pokemon detective pikachu

(Pokémon Detective Pikachu via Legendary Entertainment)



Release date: May 24

Another Disney addition to 2019, the live-action remake of Aladdin will finally hit the big screen on May 24. After so much anticipation, you can bet we have this one scheduled into our calendars.


(Aladdin via Walt Disney Pictures)


Godzilla: King of Monsters 

Release date: May 31

Millie Bobby Brown stars in this new Godzilla movie that features a faceoff between Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and the three-headed King Ghidorah.


(Godzilla: King of Monsters via Warner Bros.)


The Secret Life of Pets 2 

Release date: June 7

Though we don't have tons of info about the plot of this new film, we're excited to see our favorite furry friends back on the big screen, and we're expecting all kinds of new trouble.

The secret life of pets 2

(The Secret Life of Pets 2 via Illumination Entertainment)


Dark Phoenix 

Release date: June 7

This new addition to the X-Men franchise focuses on Jean Gray as her incredible powers continue to develop, threatening the safety of everyone on Earth.

Dark phoenix

(Dark Phoenix via 20th Century Fox Film Corporation)


Toy Story 4 

Release date: June 21

In this latest installment involving our favorite group of toys, Woody and the gang run into a new toy called Forky and head out on another epic adventure, this time involving a road trip. We can't wait to see this crew back on the big screen, and we'll definitely be bringing tissue boxes, as we fully expect to cry during this film.

Toy story 4

(Toy Story 4 via Pixar Animation Studios)


Spider-Man: Far From Home 

Release date: July 5

Since the MCU really enjoys claiming all our emotional energy, we can expect another Marvel release in 2019, this time featuring our favorite web-shooting teenager. While the storyline will likely become clearer after Avengers: Endgame, we do know that this time Peter Parker will battle the cunning villain, Mysterio.

Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming

(Spider-Man: Homecoming via Marvel Studios)


The Lion King 

Release date: July 19

Keeping in line with Disney's live-action remakes, this film will retell the classic story of The Lion King using CGI.

the lion king

(The Lion King via Walt Disney Pictures)


The New Mutants 

Release date: Aug. 2

In this new X-Men movie, five young mutants are taken to a secret facility where they come face-to-face with their new abilities.


(The New Mutants via Twentieth Century Fox)


Artemis Fowl 

Release date: Aug. 9

In this adaptation of the popular fantasy book series, a young Irish criminal mastermind kidnaps a fairy in an attempt to fund the search for his missing father and save his family fortune.

artemis fowl

(Artemis Fowl via Walt Disney Pictures)


Charlie's Angels 

Release date: Nov.  1

While we don't know much about this remake that focuses on three female detectives, we do know that our favorite heartthrob Noah Centineo will appear in this film, which is reason enough for us to go watch it.

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Frozen 2 

Release date: Nov. 22 

Finally our two favorite sisters will appear on the big screen for another cold weather adventure. After so much anticipation, we're pretty sure this new Disney film won't disappoint.

frozen 2

(Frozen 2 via Walt Disney Pictures)


Star Wars: Episode IX 

Release date: Dec. 20

And last but not least, 2019 will also bring us the final installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. After a year without a Star Wars movie, it's safe to say we're pretty excited for this newest addition to one of our favorite franchises.

star wars: the last jedi

(Star Wars: The Last Jedi via Lucasfilm)


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