7 Ways You Can Make Moving Easier on Your Parents

Moving is stressful.

And while you find it to be a major nuisance on your end, it's also a troublesome ordeal for your parents. To make things easier on them—and yourself, of course—we're sharing seven tips to moving with ease.

Minivan with moving boxes inside of it

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1. Put Together an Overnight Bag

Just like when you go to a sleepover or on a vacation, you should have a suitcase or duffle bag full of all the necessary essentials. Don't tape up your toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner or a week's worth of clothes in a box. You will absolutely need those things, so keep them in an overnight bag for easy access.


2. Recruit Your Friends

Movers can be expensive, so save your mom and pops some money by reaching out to your besties to see if they will help you box everything up. Even see if they will help you take stuff to your new home, granted you're not moving too far away. If you offer to repay them for all their hard work in food, they're sure to be onboard with this project.

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4. Label Boxes Intensely 

You don't want to rummage around every single box to find that one pair of socks or your favorite mug. Instead, make sure you label everything properly, so you can find it within seconds of just opening one box.


5. Don't Keep Everything

There will be plenty of junk you realize you don't need once you start putting everything into boxes. So, with your parentals permission of course, host a garage sale. Now's the time to get rid of all your stuffed animals and random knick knacks you find lying about. The best part about selling your unwanted items is that you'll make a little extra cash without really having to do much. Score!

Family going through boxes in a garage

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6. Don't Pack Things Into Trash Bags

Sure, it may seem easy to just throw everything into a garbage bag and call it a day, but this can lead to all of your clothes and beloved belongings getting tossed out. You certainly don't want that, do you? Your parents don't want that either, because that just means they'll have to buy you a whole new wardrobe. They're already stressed out enough because of the situation, so just be a good child and put your stuff in boxes like a normal person.


7. Start Packing Ahead of Time

When the big moving day finally arrives, you don't want to be scrambling to pack up everything in time to get on the road. Start by boxing up everything you know you aren't going to need for a hot minute at least a few weeks in advance. For example, if it's summer, you know you aren't going to be rocking your winter wear anytime soon, so put it in a box right away. Your parents will certainly appreciate you doing this. We guarantee it.


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