Mr. Peabody and Sherman Red Carpet Premiere!

In this week's episode of SweetBeatTV, our host Alex Schiffman walks the Mr. Peabody and Sherman red carpet to discuss time traveling and adventure with the film's stars!

In Mr. Peabody and Sherman, the smartest dog in the world finds himself trying to fix history after his adopted son uses his WABAC time machine to impress a girl at school!

On the carpet we asked the stars, including Zach Callison and Patrick Warburton, what history their pets would change if they had WABAC machines of our own!

We also quiz Karan Brar and Ariel Winter about which couple from the past they'd like to bring to the present, and about the craziest things they've ever done to impress someone they like!

In honor of the film's canine hero, we even took the time to chat with some of the famous dogs walking the red carpet, including Lassie!

Excited to see the film? It's in theaters across the country today! Join us at to share all of your favorite moments and photos from the movie, and tell us what carpet you want us to cover next!Mr. Peabody and Sherman