These Heroic Quotes From Ms. Marvel Also Make Great Instagram Captions

Disney+'Ms. Marvel just wrapped up its first season, and we're fully obsessed with its hero, Kamala Khan.

The new show focuses on Kamala, a Pakistani American teenager in New Jersey, and fangirl of The Avengers—Captain Marvel, in particular. Unfortunately, her passions don't make her particularly popular at school, and her protective parents are even warier of her aspirations. But when Kamala sneaks out to attend an Avengers convention and enter a cosplay competition, wearing "borrowed" family heirlooms to adorn her costume, she discovers she may have some incredible powers of her own—and it doesn't take long for them to start catching attention.

If you loved the show as much as we did, keep scrolling for the very best quotes from the series to use as your next Instagram caption.

For making a long-awaited announcement:

"Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for."

-Kamala Khan


For that fire selfie:

"Now who was this glorious, well-coiffed hero?"

-Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel: Captain Marvel ounches Thanos drawing

(Ms. Marvel via Disney+)


For that candid shot that's somehow the best photo of you all year:

"And you know what? She looked good doing it."

-Kamala Khan


For when you unexpectedly impress everyone:

"Sometimes, someone can come out of nowhere and do something amazing."

-Kamala Khan


For coming back from an unannounced social media hiatus:

"Maybe she just needed a break, you know? Can a woman just live?"

-Kamala Khan


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For your mirror selfie:

"Don't forget to look at the mirrors every 15 seconds at least."

-Muneeba Khan


For the shot with you and your family who are always dreaming big:

"I come from a long line of fantasizing, unrealistic daydreamers."

-Muneeba Khan

Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan texting "She Said No"

(Ms. Marvel via Disney+)


For when it's junior year and you still have no idea what you're doing:

"In junior year, it's time to start really thinking about your future."

-Gabe Wilson


For when you try a new look and you don't quite recognize yourself:

"Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me?"

-Gabe Wilson


For when you need to convince yourself to stop messing around and finally do your homework:

"I know fantasy's fun, fantasy's really fun. But right now, I need you to pull yourself together and join reality."

-Gabe Wilson


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For the pic of you and your equally strange best friend:

"If I'm weird, you're weirder."

-Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan smirks in the mirror

(Ms. Marvel via Disney+)


For documenting your post-breakup European vacay:

"She decided that she wasn't ready for commitment. So now she's off gallivanting through Europe to 'discover' herself."

-Auntie Ruby


For flaunting your geeky collection:

"Maybe I spend too much time with fan art, and costumes and with my head stuck in fantasy land. "

-Kamala Khan


For the shot with the friend who you know is going to change everything someday:

"You wanna save the world? Then you're gonna save the world."

-Bruno Carrelli

Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan and Bruno on the roof

(Ms. Marvel via Disney+)


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For when your tongue is red from slurping slushies:

"How many slushies have you had today? Because all that red dye three, it's making your brain…"

-Bruno Carrelli


For when you have to keep removing your pet from perilous situations:

"I'm trying to protect you from yourself."

-Muneeba Khan


For when your passions bring you everything you ever dreamed:

"I've seen what happens when people get obsessed with their fantasies."

-Muneeba Khan

Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan puts on bangle

(Ms. Marvel via Disney+)


For when you're trying to figure out your superpowers:

" I tried to shrink, and fly,  and talk to ants, and none of it worked."

-Kamala Khan


For when you're going incognito:

"I feel like secret identities are secret for a reason."

-Bruno Carrelli


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For when you feel like people aren't telling it like it is:

"History's written by the oppressors, that's all I'm gonna say."

-Nakia Bahadir


For when you're just being yourself:

"I kinda realized I don't really need to prove anything to anybody."

-Nakia Bahadir


For when you're putting off your homework as long as possible:

"Destress after school. Best thing you can do."



For when you've been speaking in an English accent all day:

"I'm a huge fan of The Great British Bake Off. I love that show. I just binged it, so I was just doing a bit."



For the pic of you dressed from head to toe in black:

"It wasn't a goth phase. I just wore a lot of black."

-Aamir Khan


For when you definitely overate but you have no regrets:

"Did you not eat anything? Or did you eat too much?"

-Muneeba Khan


For when you feel much older than your years:

"My old ears are not as young as your smile."


Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan creating platform

(Ms. Marvel via Disney+)


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For when you've got a bad feeling about something:

"I really don't think any good can come of this."

-Kamala Khan


For when your superheroism matches your outfit:

"Those people out there just see you as a kid playing dress-up. But I know that you've inherited greatness.."



For when your get your DNA test results back:

"I found out what I am, and it's not Asgardian or alien, or anything cool like that."

-Kamala Khan


For when you'd rather be in any dimension but this one:

"You're good at math. Do you know anything about interdimensional travel off the top of your head?"

-Kamala Khan


For the shot of you and your very big family:

"We roll pretty deep."

-Kamala Khan


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For when you finally get to where you're headed after a nightmare plane ride:

"What is a 28-hour flight with four connections among friends, huh?"

-Auntie Shirin


For when you're trying to define yourself:

"So, how does she convince everyone that she's good?"

-Kamala Khan


For when you're doing plenty of good for the world:

"Good is not a thing you are … It is a thing you do."

-Sheikh Abdullah


For when you're chowing down on your favorite highly processed food:

"There's just something about their syntheticness. I just can't resist them."

-Yusuf Khan


For when someone's brainy explanation of something goes completely over your head:

"Try again. This time like you have a social life."

-Kamala Khan


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For when you have great power, but you're not necessarily ready for the great responsibility:

"Like, obviously, I can't be the superhero."

-Kamala Khan


For when reality doesn't live up to your expectations:

"Have you ever felt like you were up against the world?  Like you wanted something so bad, and then it actually happened, but in reality, it's just not as great as you imagined it."

-Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan with super first

(Ms. Marvel via Disney+)


For the photo with the people who support you through thick and thin:

"Whatever mountain you're facing, you don't have to do it alone."

-Muneeba Khan


For when your family is the most important thing:

"The man who chooses family is never alone."

-Sheikh Abdullah


For when you're trying to eat well but it's doing numbers on your skin:

"Your skin is so dry. Are you again on one of your strange diets?"



For the artistic rendering of something near and dear that you lost:

"I thought the only way I can hold onto what we had lost was to create it myself."



For when you seem to be the only one freaking out about something:

"How are you so casual about this?"

-Kamala Khan


For when things are feeling a bit overwhelming:

"I don't know how to figure it out. I feel like I'm trying to piece together 100 things, and I'm just breaking more than I can fix."

-Kamala Khan


For finding the power in piecing your life back together:

"You learn to find beauty in the pieces."



For when someone just assumes you're American:

"How do you know I'm not Canadian?"

-Kamala Khan


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For when you're being overdramatic about wanting people to hang out:

"Come with me if you want to live."


Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan and Kareem ready to fight in pakistan

(Ms. Marvel via Disney+)


For when something is much deeper than it first appeared:

"Sometimes you have to look beyond what's right in front of you."



For when you know that the energy you put out into the universe will be returned to you:

"What you seek is seeking you."



For when you're standing your ground:

"Touch me and I'll break your leg."



Ms. Marvel: aisha in the field

(Ms. Marvel via Disney+)


For when you're stuffing your face with piping-hot flatbread:

"No human alive can resist the smell of fresh-fried paratha."



For the pic of the person who has your heart aflutter:

"You know, when I saw you out there, it reminded me of my favorite poem."



For your favorite family portrait:

"Our family is magical."



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For the pic of the happy couple and their adorable new baby:

"I'd like to think two people fell in love and created something… Something much bigger than either of them could have created alone."



For when the people in charge make some boneheaded decisions:

"This is what happens when the wrong people get powers."

-Sadie Deever


For when your skills attract a little unwanted attention:

"Just because you can do all these amazing things, doesn't mean that you actually volunteer to go looking for trouble, right?"

-Yusuf Khan


For showing off your freshly baked yummy-yummy chocolate chip cookies:

"The secret ingredient is nutmeg."



For when you decide to kill 'em with kindness:

"Remember, just because someone treats you as their enemy doesn't give you the right to treat them as yours."

-Sheikh Abdullah


For when your parents insist on coming with you to the cosplay convention:

"Superheroes don't need chaperones."

-Kamala Khan


For flaunting your gym gains:


-Kamala Khan

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Embiggen hands

(Ms. Marvel via Disney+)


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For when you're never quite fit in, but you're making the most of it:

"There is no normal. There's just us and what we do with what we've been given."

-Kamala Khan


For when you realize you have all the time in the world to discover yourself:

"We're all still figuring it out."

-Yusuf Khan


For when touching one life makes all the difference:

"If you saved one life, well, you saved the world."

-Yusuf Khan


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