7 Tips For Getting Austin Mahone To Take You To Prom

Want to win a chance to go to prom with Austin Mahone? MTV's Promposal Mania campaign is giving Mahomies that chance in a video contest, and we've got some tips to capture Austin's attention, and his heart!

1. Exploit his pizza obsession

2. Find some money in your own pockets (on camera)

3. Becky G and Austin are too cute together! Maybe a cover of "Shower" will win him over.

4. Promise to fill up Austin's tank!

5. Show off your sweet sticker collection. Got any pizza?

6. Demonstrate your baking skills. Don't forget the M&Ms!

7. And recite your yummiest smoothie recipe to seal the deal.

You can enter by making a promposal explaining why Austin should take you to prom, post to Twitter, Instagram or Vine and tag it with #PromposalMania.