We're LOVING multitasky's New Functional Home Line

multitasky is our go-to place to shop for office gadgets and home goods, and with their brand new functional home line, we're more obsessed than ever!

We got to test out some products for ourselves, and we're in love. Keep scrolling to get a look at all of the products you need from multitasky's new functional home line.

Kitty Desktop Vacuum Cleaner: $30

Sometimes a big vacuum just doesn't cut it—what about those small corners and drawers? That's where this mini vacuum cleaner comes in handy. Available in pink, white and yellow, this is the perfect gadget for cleaning your desk or beauty area of crumbs, dust and more.

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Cute Shark-Fin Pan Scrubber: $10

If you find yourself in the kitchen most days cooking up a storm, you absolutely need to get your hands on this pan scrubber. It helps with tough stains and residue and makes cleaning up easier than ever. Plus, the shark fin is just too cute and comes in pink, white and blue.

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Portable Neck Fan + Power Bank + Phone Stand: $40

Get more bang for your buck with this three-in-one product! This acts as a portable neck fan, power bank and phone stand. The fan is great for hot girl walks or drying your face in between skincare steps, while the power bank and phone stand are just plain convenient. And what's even better is that it has up to eight hours of charge!

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Washable Reusable Lint Remover Ball: $20

Typical lint rollers include sticky paper that's discarded after every use, so when we saw this reusable one, we just had to try it out for ourselves. And guess what? It's amazing! Coming in an array of color options, the sticky ball itself can remove lint off clothes, furniture and more. When you're ready to re-use it, all you have to do is rinse it with water.

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Glowing Acrylic Message Board Set: $20

Whether you live with your family, roommates or significant other, having a message board is a great idea! You can leave each other reminders, messages or even silly notes. This acrylic message board is beautiful, and when plugged in gives the writing a glowing effect. Plus, it comes with seven colored markers!

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Slim Travel Toothbrush Holder: $7

If you travel a lot or simply go to your bestie's house every weekend, packing up your toothbrush for ever visit just got way simpler. This toothbrush holder will keep your toothbrush separate and clean! The case comes in a few cute color choices and is an absolute must if you travel often.

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