Munchy Pops Are Crunchy, Satisfying and Nutritious Alternatives to Popcorn

It's been all too easy resorting to eating less-than-nutritious snacks while we've all been hunkering down at home.

I'm grateful that I've managed to stumble upon a number of goods during this time that are somehow tasty and healthy, and one of those fabulous treats has been Munchy Pops popped water lily seeds.

While these are far from the first popped water lily seeds I've seen, their unique flavors instantly caught my attention. The company offered to send me a bag of each for review, and I quickly discovered my new favorite brand of water lily seeds and popped snacks in general.

The Product

Munchy Pops specializes in popped water lily seed snacks, which are a bit like popcorn, but better in just about every way. Not only do the traditional Indian snacks taste great, but they're higher in protein than popcorn, and lower in fat and calories, in addition to containing calcium, iron and potassium. And forget about irritating kernels getting stuck in your teeth while you snack.

Munchy Pops also contain no artificial preservatives or flavors and include no corn or trans fat. They're also roasted, rather than fried, and come in five amazing flavors that are good to the very last pop. They come in 1.41 oz. bags and a three-pack of any flavor sells for $11.99, or you can purchase a variety pack featuring one of each flavor for $19.99. Plus, shipping is free through the end of May.


The Flavors

Smoky Barbecue

My Munchy Pops journey began with the Smoky Barbecue flavor, and from the very first bite, I knew I had a new favorite brand of popped water lily seeds. The pop itself was light and fluffy, with the perfect crunch that told me it was super fresh. The piece was puffy and hollow, and the barbecue seasoning clung perfectly to the exterior, filling my mouth with a barbecue seasoning that was the perfect combination of tomato, vinegar and smoke, with a hint of spicy heat and sugar in the aftertaste. The 170-calorie bag was all too easy to snack on, and made me eager to try the next one.




White Cheddar Cheese

While many popped water lily seed brands have a cheesy flavor, this was far and away the best I've had. I found that the cheese here was delicate and slightly sweet, rather than overpoweringly cheesy. I love cheese as much of the next person, but I thought this light touch worked better than an overload of pungency. The bag contained 180 calories, and while I shared with someone who can't stand cheese, even he thought they were quite tasty.



Salt & Pepper

Even Munchy Pops' most standard flavor is a standout. Rather than having a plain salt flavor as their baseline, this variety contains both salt and pepper, adding a sharpness to the taste that's anything but boring. It's perfect for those who want the natural flavor of the lily pops to shine through, and at 170 calories per bag, it's a filling snack without the added guilt.



Sizzling Peri-Peri

Munchy Pop's Sizzling Peri-Peri flavor is extra hot in the best way possible. Based on the South African spice of the same name, it blends paprika, red pepper, habanero and chiles, with just a hint of sweetness, to create a flavor that will keep you snacking, despite the building heat with every bite. It contains 180 calories per satisfyingly spicy bag.



Sweet & Salty

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the Sweet & Salty flavor, which sounded a little bizarre at first, but wound up being maybe my favorite of the five Munchy Pops flavors. It's reminiscent of kettle corn, but instead of being flavored with all kinds of artificial ingredients, the only ingredients are water lily seeds, sunflower oil, sugar and salt. It turns a decadent treat into one that's also good for you, and has just 180 calories per bag.




Bottom Line

If you love popcorn but are searching for something with a little more nutrition to it, I'd highly recommend Munchy Pops. All five flavors are incredible, so no matter your tastes, you're bound to find one or two that you adore, and the nutrients in popped water lily seeds will leave you feeling full and healthier than if you'd had popcorn instead.

While it's not an inexpensive treat, costing about $4 per 40-gram bag, I think it's worth every penny for my favorite flavors—and I actually just placed an order for some of my family's faves. If you're on the fence about it, I recommend trying the variety pack to help you find out which varieties you'll love.


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