THIS Is the Brand New Acne Spot Treatment That Will Get You Through Summer

The debut of Murad Skincare's new acne-fighting product certainly made a splash (literally).

Yes, I set sail with the popular beauty brand last week at their Third Annual Spring Soirée as they launched a few new products from a yacht in Marina del Rey, California, just minutes from the Sweety High HQ!


I was lucky enough to walk away with fresh goodies introduced by the company, and the one I tried immediately is their brand new Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment.


When it comes to personal skin woes, I'd say dryness is my issue. Luckily, I am fortunate enough not to really deal with breakouts (genetics, baby!), but for the first time ever, I was actually grateful that I spotted a tiny pimple under my lip and above my forehead. This gave me a chance to fairly test the product instead of simply just writing about what it is supposed to do. What a delightful coincidence, right?


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I applied a thin layer of the serum over both affected areas and it stung a bit for about a minute (that means it's doing it's job, right??) and then I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, the spots were certainly not completely gone, but the swelling and visibility had gone down dramatically, and with just a touch of light foundation, it was as if they were never there.

I did the same thing the following night before bed and I noticed the spots lessen even more. The instructions encourage users to apply more than once a day, so I probably could have seen an even greater outcome had I done just that. The product's mission claims to reduce blemish size and redness in just four hours. I will say I am on board with this.

Although I am not generally prone to breakouts, I will say that if this week is any indication, the combination of the heat-induced sweat from summer sun and the sweat caused from working out (more frequently this season than others) is likely to cause more zits and I want to be prepared to take them on!

I can't say whether or not this is useful for people with heavy breakouts, but I will absolutely stand by this product when it comes to that annoying little blemish you get the day before a big date or event that will require you to be in front of a camera. Clocking in at $22 for a 0.5 oz supply, this should definitely get you through your summer skincare woes.


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