Here's What It's REALLY Like to Float in the Museum of Ice Cream's Sprinkle-Filled Pool

The New York pop-up museum everyone couldn't stop blabbing about—the Museum of Ice Cream—has finally landed in Los Angeles.

Although it doesn't officially open to the public until tomorrow, April 22, I was able to get a special preview of the sweet and colorful installations beforehand.

All 10 of the themed rooms are pretty spectacular, but there's one in particular that will most certainly be blowing up your Insta Feed until this pop-up leaves the downtown Arts District on May 29th—the Sprinkle Pool.

If you're curious what the colorful installation looks like, we've got the scoop (no pun intended) here.

[featuredvideo video_id="DWqXiyHR"]

Upon entering the wading pool area, you must run through the basic Sprinkle Pool Rules.

Of course, there's no diving, splashing or eating the sprinkles—they're synthetic, after all. ????

Sprinkle Pool Rules

After a quick read through of the rules, you walk up a set of stairs and into the pool area—no running!

I had to pause and take a photo op next to this adorably pink neon light before I made my way to the pool. Brittney in front of The Museum of Ice Cream diver light

And then, just like that, you reach the sprinkle-filled sanctuary that dreams are made of.

The Museum of Ice Cream really decked out this L.A. pool with beach balls, floats and, who knows how many pounds of plastic sprinkles.

Brittney in front of Sprinkle Pool at The Museum of Ice Cream

Because I wasn't ready to hop in the pool quite yet, I lounged on the very Instagrammable diving board and soaked in the experience.

Brittney sitting on diving board at The Museum of Ice Cream

When I finally was brave enough to dip my feet into the colorful pit, I was shocked at just how real the plastic sprinkles both felt and looked.

Brittney putting her feet in sprinkles

Once my feet were in, there was no turning back. I hopped right in, grabbed a floaty and took in every sugar-coated moment.

Brittney Floating in sprinkles

I must say, floating around in a pool full of fake sprinkles is shockingly soothing and undeniably enjoyable.

Only downside of visiting this pool is that little plastic sprinkles will fall out of your hair and your outfit for the remainder of the day. A small price to pay.

Want to try out this sweet experience for yourself? L.A.'s Museum of Ice Cream is open every day except Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. until May 29th. Get your tickets HERE!


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