Everything That Goes Through Your Head When You Meet Your Fave Musician

If you've ever met your all-time favorite band or musician, you know what it's like to be truly tongue-tied.

So many thoughts go through your head at once that you almost can't make sense of it all. When you think back on the experience, you'll definitely relate to the truths below:

1. You remind yourself it's not a drill and it's actually happening. They're not just a figment of your imagination.

2. Play it cool, smile and be friendly, but focus on the cool part. Cooler than ice. You are an ice queen. Channel your inner Elsa.

Hannah Montana meets the Jonas Brothers

(Hannah Montana via Disney Channel)

3. The struggle to say something that won't sound deranged is real. If they don't understand your special brand of gibberish, you're probably out of luck.

4. Your speech should probably be kept simple, but you also need them to know your love for them burns with the intensity of a thousand suns. What's a good middle ground between the two?

Chris Brown on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

(The Suite Life of Zack & Cody via Disney Channel)

5. You frantically search for something they can autograph. They can totally sign a gum wrapper, right?

6. Making sure your hair is on point takes major priority. If this picture is going on the 'gram, you can't look like a complete mess.

7. Meeting your fave band or musician is 10 times more amazing than a concert. Having that in-person interaction is all you need to be happy for the rest of your life.

Stuck in the Suburbs

(Stuck in the Suburbs via Disney Channel)


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