10 Big Things Happening in Music the Week of Aug. 28, 2020

The summer continues to grace us with some serious music gold.

From album releases to new music videos, our favorite artists and bands have not disappointed. Featuring new drops from Shwayze, Lukas Graham and Katy Perry, there's a lot to uncover.

Keep reading for 10 big things happening in music this week:

1. Shwayze Releases Latest Album, Surf Trap

You probably know Shwayze from his song "Buzzin,' " but since dropping that 2008 hit, he's been crushing it in the rap world. Just this week, he released his latest album debut, Surf Trap. In a press release, the artist said, "I wanted to stay true to my sound while sonically taking it to the next level. I worked with one of my favorite producers, Paul Couture, and we finished the album while on lockdown. I am extremely proud of this project and think it's one of my best to date."

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2. Taylor Castro Releases New Single and Music Video for 'Be Ok'

In Taylor Castro's music video for "Be Ok," viewers are left feeling like they got a glimpse into the artist's soul. Featuring old home movies, this indie-pop singer-songwriter pulls at our heartstrings. In a press release, Taylor said, "This song is a reminder that our past does not define us, but guides us." "Be Ok" marks the third single from her upcoming album, Girl, Afraid, set to release in 2021.

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3. Christina Aguilera Releases Newly Recorded 'Reflection' Music Video for Mulan

We're all very familiar with Christina Aguilera's original song, "Reflection," originally released 21 years ago! Time sure does fly by, but Christina has only gotten more talented. In her newly recorded rendition for the song, made especially for Disney's latest film, Mulan, we're reminded the importance of women embracing their futures.

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4. Payton Moormeier Drops New Music Video for 'Habits'

North Carolina-raised singer, Payton Moormeier, just dropped the music video for his latest song, "Habits." The song reveals the singer's heartache after a swift breakup and end to a relationship, something listeners will undoubtedly resonate with. Payton delivers a gut-wrenching hook: "I can't seem to fall asleep, cuz thoughts of you and me always seem to haunt my dreams, it was better you and me." It's a must-watch!


5. SAYGRACE Releases New Song and Music Video for 'Feel Good'

Australian-born singer, Grace Sewell of SAYGRACE, just released a new song and music video for "Feel Good." If you're on the hunt for the ultimate vibey tune, this it it. Singing of a toxic relationship, Grace's lyrics are all about letting go, moving on and ultimately forgiving those who have wronged us. The music video features dancers in red wigs, with Grace rocking an all-white outfit, and the location reminds us of The Great Gatsby, featuring large staircases and a room of mirrors.

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6. Lukas Graham Performs 'Share That Love' on Good Morning America

Copenhagen-born-and-bred singer, Lukas Graham, just performed his latest single, "Share That Love" on Good Morning America. The song could not be more timely, as now more than ever we all need a reminder to spread love. Featuring G-Eazy, this track is bound to set new records for Graham. This pop song makes you want to sing along, dance and most importantly, share that love.

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7. Maggie Lindemann Drops New Track 'Knife Under My Pillow'

Maggie Lindemann, pop singer with a retro touch, just dropped a new track, "Knife Under My Pillow." If you're a fan of horror films, you'll certainly relate to the song. In a press release, Maggie said, "When I was a little kid my biggest fear was being kidnapped. But I swear to you there was something going on in this house I was living in. I actually really did start sleeping with a knife under my pillow." Definitely add this to your weekend playlist!

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8. NEEDTOBREATHE Releases Latest Album, Out of Body

Grammy-nominated rock band, NEEDTOBREATHE, just released their long-awaited new album, Out of Body. Featuring 11 tracks, the album takes a dive into family, friends and relationships. In a press release, the band issued a statement that reads: "The album is arranged to take you on a journey of healing and wonderment. Sometimes it takes a complete change of perspective to see the beauty around us, and this album is the music for your spaceship."

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9. Nothing But Thieves Drops New Single and Music Video for 'Unperson'

The indie-rock band from Essex, England, just dropped their new single and music video for "Unperson." This quintet knows its way around vocals, guitars and more. The music video features all band members, strobe lights, neon hues and a retro feel. It's a must watch for rock-lovers, and it's certainly relatable for anyone in the world right now.

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10. Katy Perry Releases Newest Album, Smile

Pop star Katy Perry not only just gave birth to her first child, but she also just released her newest album, Smile. She gives off "old" Katy Perry vibes, and we're totally here for it. Some of our favorite tracks include "Daisies," "Cry About It Later" and "Smile." If you haven't had a chance to stream the album, now live, you need to hop on the bandwagon, it'well worth it.

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