10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of April 22, 2022

Another week gone by means another week of amazing music!

The sounds we heard were quite literally music to our ears, and we were so impressed with our favorite artists. How do they continue to release new music, week after week? With new tracks from The Kid Laroi, Ed Sheeran and more, you'll love everything they have to offer. If you want to get a look at the top 10 things that happened in music the week of April 22, 2022, continue below!

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1. Rozzi Gets Emotional With New EP, Berry

Rozzi finally released her new EP, Berry, and we are completely enamored with each and every track. From lovey-dovey ballads to songs about heartbreak, there's a little something in there for everyone. We're especially fans of "fflow" and its accompanying music video, which is a must-watch! "These songs are all very personal, like all my songs are," Rozzi shared with Sweety High in an interview. "They're raw, emotional and rich. The record is full of vulnerability and I hope my vulnerability empowers others to be vulnerable themselves. That it makes them feel strong. That it makes them want to cherish, celebrate and share their emotions and their stories."


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2. Bella Dose Has Fun With New Single, 'Bite'

The world's first bilingual Latina girl group, Bella Dose, just dropped their new single "Bite," and it is such a banger. The girls are huge on TikTok, so it's just a matter of time before they hit the mainstream, and with their release of "Bite," we think that time is just around the corner. It features bits of pop and rap and is just the sort of song you'll want to sing every word to with your friends. "This song means so much to me because when I listen to it, I feel so empowered by the words and beat," Jenni Hernandez of Bella Dose told Sweety High in an interview. "No matter my mood, when this song comes on I get a burst of energy and just wanna jump around and sing along. I hope this song can reciprocate the same energy to our fans."


3. GG Magree Drops New Single 'Already Dead' at Coachella

GG Magree just had her debut at Coachella last weekend, and after seeing her perform her newest song, "Already Dead" before the official release, we just might be her biggest fans. It's a very punk aesthetic, which can really be seen in the music video, which we love. She channels all of her emotions into this song, and we think anyone who listens will feel exactly what she's trying to portray. In an interview with Sweety High following weekend one at Coachella, GG Magree told us, "I'm dropping a whole new EP in May, so a lot of the songs I'm performing, fans are hearing for the first time and their reaction has been insane! Makes me feel so damn good. 'Already Dead' comes out today, so I'm excited to play that one again."


4. Olivia Penalva's 'Judge Away' Is An Anthem About Rising Above Criticism

If you've ever dealt with feelings of judgment, Olivia Penalva's "Judge Away" will rock you to your core. This anthem is all about rising above unwarranted criticism and hate, and being better for it in the long run. Her soaring vocals combined with the relatable lyrics are all too easy to love, and we haven't stopped listening to it on repeat. "I wrote 'Judge Away' because I realized that no matter what you do in life, people are going to judge you," Olivia shared with Sweety High in an interview. "And as much as it hurts and is sometimes unfortunate, I wrote it as a reminder that we get to choose how to deal with that judgment. That instead of letting it tear us down, we can shut it out and love who we are. You can't let the negative opinions of others outshine the things that make you special."



Here at Sweety High, we're big fans of K-pop groups and absolutely love when we're among the first to discover a new band. And that's exactly what we've done with YOUNITE! The group just debuted their EP YOUNI-BIRTH, and if you're a fan of the K-pop sound, you'll fall head over heels for each and every track. Their '1 of 9' music video is among one of our favorite new releases of the week, so definitely set aside some time today to give it a watch. In an interview with Sweety High, Eunho of YOUNITE told us, "YOUNITE's slogan is 'WE ARE CONNECTED,' and it accentuates the connection between YOUNITE and fans. Our debut album YOUNI-BIRTH carries dual meanings of our birth (YOUNI-BIRTH) and our special cosmic storyline (UNIVERSE). It's the first album to show YOUNITE's unlimited possibilities, so please look forward to it!"


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6. Daniel Caesar Stuns Fans With New Single, 'Please Do Not Lean'

Whether you went to Coachella weekend one or streamed it live on one of your devices, we're sure you saw Daniel Caesar bring out Justin Bieber as a very special, surprise guest onto the stage. The duo sang "Peaches" together, and we honestly didn't think we could like a song of Daniel's more. That is until he released "Please Do Not Lean"! This new song is soulful and has that classic R&B sound we love of his. Not only will you not be able to sway along to the beat, but the lyrics themselves are meaningful, too. "'Please Do Not Lean' represents a deeper understanding of myself and acknowledging the responsibilities I currently hold, respecting them and knowing my limits of when I can take on more," shared Daniel Caesar in a press release. "This is an introduction to the sound and tone of the next chapter in my career."


7. Odesza Drops Music Video for 'Better Now' Feat. MARO

"Better Now" featuring MARO came out last month, but this week we finally got a look at the official music video, and it's even better than we could have expected. With stunning visuals and a beautifully executed idea, this video truly left us floored. If you've heard the song by now, you've probably already added it to all of your summer playlists, along with us! It's fun and sure to put you in good spirits.


8. Labrinth Unveils Complete Euphoria Season 2 Official Score

Euphoria has been the most popular television show so far in 2022, and that was in large part thanks to the genius that is Labrinth. Many of his songs were included in Season 2 as the official score, and it was finally released as a set this week. You already know what we're talking about—songs like "Mount Everest," "Forever" and "Still Don't Know My Name" are likely all over your TikTok feed and stuck in your head on repeat. But you know what? We wouldn't have it any other way.


9. Ed Sheeran and Lil Baby Team Up for '2step'

Ed Sheeran is a man on a mission and it seriously seems like he hasn't stopped to take a breather. With banger after banger being released, we had high hopes for his new song "2step" featuring Lil Baby, and it exceeded our wildest dreams. Putting together the pair's completely opposite sounds makes for one stunning track, and we're in love.


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10. The Kid LAROI Drops New Single 'Thousand Miles'

When The Kid LAROI first stepped into his stardom, we knew he was meant for big things. With a number of amazing collabs already under his belt, we've been waiting for a solo act, and "Thousand Miles" is just that. It's not only relatable, but the music video is actually quite hilarious, too! This song is about to blow up big time, so don't be surprised if everyone is already talking about it come this weekend. "I wrote this song when I first met my now girlfriend," he shared in an Instagram post about the song. "I really liked her but I knew at the time I couldn't give her the relationship she deserved due to the direction my life was heading – being young as hell trying to chase the dream I had of being a big artist or whatever. It's me telling her to stay a thousand miles away from me because I didn't want to hurt her. But I mean yeah here we are all this time later and I guess it's goin pretty well lmao."


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