10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of August 6, 2021

This summer has given us some pretty incredible music.

And each week that a new song, music video or album is released, we rush to play them all! We truly don't know how these artists find the time to create such amazing beats, but they do it time after time. And yhis week was no different, as there were some killer tracks we fell in love with. Keep reading for 10 big things that happened in music the week of Aug. 6, 2021.

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1. Athena Drops Rocket League-Inspired Single 'Eternal' Feat. Smle

When we first heard that Twitch star Athena was going to release music, we were so excited. And after listening to "Eternal" featuring smle and speaking about it in-depth with Athena herself, we can't wait for what's to come. Inspired by Rocket League, the song and video come together in such a beautiful way. "I have been really passionate about singing but never took that extra step to pursue it," Athena told Sweety High in an interview. "Looking back now, I really wish I had done it sooner. I hope to surprise people with this release."


2. Sara Kays Releases Stellar New Song 'Struck By Lightning' Feat. Cavetown

It's not often that a song as beautiful and heartfelt as "Struck By Lightning" comes along. Inspired by a friend of Sara Kay, this is a track that pretty much everyone can relate to. If you've ever dealt with a friend, or even yourself, going through a tough time, sometimes the best thing to do is just be there. The song is lighthearted and easily one of our favorite picks this week. "This song was initially inspired by a friend of mine who has a lot of personal struggles that they don't always like to talk about," Sara told Sweety High in an interview. "I learned that sometimes being there for someone can mean just laying next to them in silence when they don't feel like talking, and this song is just telling that person you'll be there for them no matter what."


3. Jeremy Shada Stuns With Romantic Track, 'Dancing With Strangers'

We love a song that's both fun to listen to and has a good message. And that's exactly what you get with Jeremy Shada's "Dancing With Strangers." The song itself is something we picture ourselves playing on a hot summer night or while getting ready with friends. We think everyone will relate because it's all about staying true to yourself. "The song is really about a personal low point of being caught up in modern culture and realizing that you need to go back to your roots," Jeremy said in a press release. "It's about experiencing all of the things that you think are going to make you happy and figuring out that they don't."


4. iamnotshane Shares New Single and Music Video for 'Punch Me In the Face'

When we first listened to iamnotshane's "Punch Me In the Face," we'll be honest when we say we had no idea what to expect. But once the track started, we were instantly intrigued. We all have those friends who simply don't know how to tell you how it is and only say what they think you want to hear. But that's not helpful in real life! iamnotshane addresses exactly this in the new single. In a press release iamnotshane said, "The song is about needing tough love from a real friend, not the fake friends who tell you everything you want to hear. It's a wake up call anthem."


5. Country Star Chris Young Releases New Album Famous Friends

When country star Chris Young first released the song "Famous Friends" with Kane Brown, we knew the album was going to be even better. And it's finally here! featuring 14 tracks, each song is just as good as the next. Of course we're big fans of the namesake "Famous Friends," but some of our other highly recommend favorites are "At the End of a Bar" and "Love Looks Good On You." If you're in need of some country music to save your soul, look no further than Chris Young'Famous Friends album.


6. Finneas Drops Single 'A Concert Six Months From Now' Off of Upcoming Album

If you're a fan of Billie Eilish, you probably already know who Finneas is. He's her brother and helps produce and write her music—in fact, we don't know where she'd be without him! After listening to his latest solo single, "A Concert Six Months From Now," we knew it was going to go into our regular music rotation. It's part of his upcoming album coming out Oct. 15, and Finneas is sure to drive fans wild until the big day.


7. Martin Garrix Teams Up With G-Eazy and Sasha Alex Sloan for New Song 'Love Runs Out'

Anytime Martin Garrix releases new music, we have high hopes. So when we heard he was teaming up with G-Eazy and Sasha Alex Sloan, we knew we were in for a big surprise. "Love Runs Out" is without a doubt going to be played on every radio station for months to come. It's an instant classic and has that classic G-Eazy feel. And with Sasha's added vocals it'such a banger. "I've known Gerald since forever, so it was about time for us to release a song together," Martin shared in a press release. "Sasha has an amazing voice, and she really completed the track. It's a different sound for me, so I hope you guys like it!"


8. blackbear '@ my worst' Off Upcoming EP misery lake

Rock and pop artist blackbear is easily one of our favorite artists of the moment, and we always look forward to his new releases. When we first listened to "@ my worst," we instantly fell in love. It's super easy to sing along to, has good lyrics and a great beat. This song comes off of his upcoming EP out next Friday, Aug. 13. We don't know about you, but we plan on listening to the album the second it drops.


9. LANY and 220 KID Share New Single 'Stupid Feelings'

Whenever LANY collabs with another artist or DJ, we already know it's going to be killer. And it's no different with "Stupid Feelings." Teaming up with DJ 220 KID, this is a song we picture being played at clubs, day parties, the beach, the car—pretty much everywhere. We can only hope that a music video will be released soon. Here's to hoping.


10. The Weeknd Drops New Song and Music Video for 'Take My Breath'

We don't know about you, but here at Sweety High, we are seriously vibing with The Weeknd's '80s-inspired music lately. "Take My Breath" is his latest single and we can't get enough. The music video itself takes us on quite the ride, and TBH, we've already watched it more than one time. We think this just might be one of The Weeknd's most popular songs of the year.


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