10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of December 16, 2022

With the year almost at a close, looking back, we've been blessed with tons of incredible music.

And this week was no different! New tunes from artists like The Weeknd, Dasha and Juice WRLD dropped, and we've been listening to them all on repeat. Interested in finding out about the best music? Here are 10 big things that happened in music the week of Dec. 16, 2022.

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1. Jonah Kagen Drops an Acoustic Music Video for 'georgia'

22-year-old singer-songwriter Jonah Kagen just dropped the acoustic version of his hit song "Georgia," and the accompanying music video makes it even better. With a soulful sound and beautiful guitar riffs, we could listen to the acoustic version on repeat without ever getting bored. "I wanted to write a song that expressed this nostalgia in the form of a love song," Jonah shared in a press release. "It might seem like it's about a past love, which it is in a way, but it's really about where I grew up."


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2. Truth x Lies Come Out With 'Take Me Away'

If you're into EDM and clubbing music, Truth x Lies absolutely needs to be on your radar. The group is made up of Ian Bertles and Ryan Howard, and their unique tech house sound is completely unmatched in their new track "Take Me Away." With sonic elements and a booming bass, fans of club music will go wild for this song. "We're continuing our streak of peak hour bangers with our new record 'Take Me Away'," Truth x Lies shared in a press release. "Old school vocals, a driving baseline and TxL's signature arps will ensure that this one does damage on the dance floors. Super stoked to be back at home with the Night Service Only fam!"


3. Álvaro Díaz Releases New Single 'SUPRA 94TRO'

Álvaro Díaz just released his brand new single "SUPRA 94TRO," and we're in love. The Puerto Rican rapper channels reggeaton in a way we've never heard  before. With Spanish lyrics and a fun beat, this is one song you will want to dance to again and again. "What's cool about the track is that it allowed me to continue to experiment with new sounds," Álvaro shared in a press release. "I've been doing music for 10 years and this is the first reggeaton track I drop with no features. In the video, I'm wearing my signature look which I've been rocking on my US tour inspired by some of my favorite films such as Blade, Matrix and Fight Club. I'm excited about this record and my upcoming album."


4. Max Drazen Drops New Single 'Not Because I Loved You'

If you're familiar with the feeling of heartbreak, you need to listen to Max Drazen's "Not Because I Loved You." His sinewy sound blends the likes of pop and R&B, resulting in something we think everyone will want to get behind. "Not Because I Loved You" is a heartbreak anthem that we think is about to become a global hit. "I didn't think that I could get my heart broken without being in love but my last relationship proved me wrong," Max explained in a press release. "The lyric 'it's NOT because I loved you that my heart breaks' represents the idea that even though I wasn't in love, being manipulated in a toxic relationship can be just as hard or harder. For me, 'Not Because I Loved You' is particularly meaningful because the experience is so recent. I still get anxious when I see my ex, I still have trauma from when we were together, and I still think about the aftermath of the breakup. it's truly the most honest song I have written to date."


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5. Dasha Stuns With Single 'Wish That You Were Here'

At just 22 years old, singer and songwriter Dasha has already made quite the name for herself. With the release of her new single "Wish That You Were Here," we're even more excited to hear her upcoming debut album Dirty Blonde, out Jan. 27. "Wish That You Were Here" features Dasha's beautiful vocals and portrays a story of the end of a toxic relationship. Whether you can relate to the lyrics or not, this is one track that is absolutely worth a listen. "There is no separation from Dasha the artist and Dasha, the 22-year-old girl living in L.A.," Dasha shared in a press release. "It's all authentically me. All my songs are about s*** that goes down in my life. I think that's what makes my music so relatable. It's completely honest. And maybe that's what sets me apart."


6. Lewis Capaldi Unveils 'Pointless' Music Video

If Lewis Capaldi's "Pointless" is any indication of what the rest of his upcoming album Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent, out May 19, is going to be like, we are in for quite the treat. With an accompanying music video that fits the song so well, the Grammy nominee has once again found gold. And what makes this particular song so interesting is that he was inspired by Ed Sheeran's lyric, "I bring her coffee in the morning, she brings me inner peace." He took that idea and ran with it in the form of "Pointless." "I don't want to create a new sound for myself, or reinvent myself," Lewis explained in a press release. "The songs I want to write are emotional songs, about love or loss."


7. Amanda Shires Shares 'Blame It On The Mistletoe Christmassy 2022' Featuring Lawrence Rothman

'Tis the season to listen to Christmas music! If you're on the hunt for another song to add to your holiday playlist this year, look no further than Amanda Shires' "Blame It On The Mistletoe Christmassy 2022." And while the title of the song is quite the tongue-twister, the track itself is holly, jolly and bound to put you in a Christmassy mood. Revamped from Amanda's "Blame It On The Mistletoe," this version features Lawrence Rothman, and we love what they bring to the table. "I wrote the song 'Blame It On the Mistletoe' with my good friend Brittney Spencer," Amanda shared in a press release. "We wrote it in the summertime, and we were thinking about holiday romance, holiday hook-ups, cozy warm feelings and just the possibility of love or like or making that move. Sometimes you need a little instigation like mistletoe… or a cocktail. This new version features my friend Lawrence Rothman who helped me produce it. Their voice is very magical, and I think you're going to love it. Also, we added a few more instruments to it to make it more sparkly, more glittery, more Christmassy."


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8. Delilah Montagu Drops Acoustic Version of 'Delilah (pull me out of this)'

Delilah Montagu's "Delilah (pull me out of this)," is the featured track on Fred Again's new single, and we're in love. This new acoustic version of the song lends a different take, and we'd be lying if we told you we only listened to it once. It's one of those tracks you could just listen to on repeat. "I think the sentiment spoke to him," Delilah shared in a press release. "After recording, Fred Again sent me a snippet as a voice memo and I just fell in love with it. I think that we created something really special and ironically, people are now dancing to Delilah (pull me out of this) in clubs to all over the world. I am also excited about the acoustic version because I wanted to release something that is just me and a piano… that's how the song started and it means so much to me."


9. Juice WRLD's 'Face 2 Face' Music Video Is Unveiled

Although Juice WRLD is no longer with us, his spirit still remains very much alive, and that's thanks in large part to new music being put out into the world! With the release of "Face 2 Face" along with a music video, we're reminded once again of the impact Juice WRLD had and continue to have on people, us included! The song features his iconic voice with lyrics that will resonate with just about anyone.


10. The Weeknd Releases 'Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)'

The wait is finally over! Avatar: The Way of Water, is finally in theatres and features a new song by The Weeknd made just for the movie. "Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)." Made in collaboration with Swedish House Mafia, this new song features an uptempo beat and drums and makes for the perfect backdrop for the new film.


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