10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of December 17, 2021

Now that we're almost at the end of 2021, things in the world of music are going to start to slow down—but that doesn't mean this wasn't another massive week for music fans.

And don't worry, because 2022 is going to be absolutely huge, and we can't wait to see which of our favorite artists wow us with their songs, music videos and more. This week was a fun one, and we seriously can't stop listening to the top new tracks. From holiday music to pop and more, there's a little something for every music taste. Look below to find out all about the top 10 things that happened in music the week of Dec. 17, 2021.

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1. Country Star Ava Rowland Drops First-Ever, Self-Titled EP

Now that Taylor Swift has moved on from country to pop, we've been on the hunt for a replacement—and we think we've found her in Ava Rowland. She has the country twang and pop-funk we've been craving, and her new self-titled EP shows off her talent. We can't stop listening to her songs and think that any country-lovers will quickly fall in love with the up-and-comer. "I'm so excited to release my first album," shared Ava in a press release. "The songs on the album are a collaboration of the singles I've released since September 2020, starting with 'He's Like A Habit.' There is such a feeling of accomplishment when the songs I've written and recorded are all put together on one CD. I hope you enjoy the album and want to listen to it over and over again."


2. Coi Leray Releases Gripping Music Video for 'Medicine'

Rapper Coi Leray proves with her gripping new song and music video, "Medicine," that you don't need three minutes to get your message across. In this short one-minute video, she exposes her innermost thoughts and emotions about reaching success while still feeling lonely. It's something everyone can relate to. In a vulnerable Instagram stories post, Coi Leray said, "Kind of been a rough year, even though I made millions, it came with a lot of depression."


3. Sophie Powers and NOAHFINNCE's 'Clearview' Music Video Is a Must-Watch

If there's one thing Sophie Powers knows how to do, it's captivate an audience. Trust us when we say her new music video with NOAHFINNCE will have you hooked from the beginning. It's a total bop and one we can see ourselves singing along to with friends in the car. "I wanted the lyrics of this song to visually embody the feeling of leaving a bad situation," Sophie shared in a press release. "I imagined a high speed car chase, where I'm being chased by someone toxic, trying to escape them. I felt like I was living this experience in real time for a while, and it was such a struggle to finally get rid of their negative energy. In the visual within the music video and lyrically, I finally get rid of the person chasing me, and they're no longer in my rearview mirror, meaning I finally have a clearview."


4. Pop Singer-Songwriter Thomas Day Drops Single 'The New Me'

These days we have so many male pop stars to choose from—Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, and now Thomas Day. His voice seriously soars and leaves us with tears in our eyes, especially with his latest single "The New Me." "It's actually going to be really sentimental for me because this song hits super close to home," Thomas shared in a press release. "I was in a relationship for about a year and a half and it fell apart because apparently I needed to 'change.' So this track is about changing after a relationship and being scared to be who you used to be."


5. Pop-Group Boys World Drops Cover of 'Santa Baby'

The modern-day Spice Girls of our generation are without a doubt Boys World. This pop group is made up of Elana Caceres, Lillian Kay, Queenie Mae Villaluz, Makhyli Simpson and Olivia Ruby, and the group's very own Lillian produced the music video for the band's latest cover of "Santa Baby." It goes without saying that we're obsessed. If you love Christmas as much as we do, you need to add this version of the popular holiday song to your playlist. The girls' talent shines through and we can't get enough. Can they just release an entire holiday album?


6. FLETCHER and Hayley Kiyoko Release New Music Video for 'Cherry'

The moment we saw FLETCHER and Hayley Kiyoko's music video for "Cherry," we knew we wanted to be friends with them. They give off such a cool-girl vibe that immediately draws us in. From the flip phones to the vintage car, it gives us all the feels. The video feels like you're transported to the '80s and we really want to copy their outfits. The song itself is so vibey and something we could picture ourselves dancing to at Coachella. "It's the curiosity you have about someone before you're intimate with them and kind of wondering what it would be like," shared FLETCHER in a press release about the song. "When I was creating it I couldn't get the idea out of my head of having Hayley Kiyoko on it. We then went into the studio together and made it a million times better. It's a moment for the girls, gays and theys."


7. Big Time Rush Returns With New Single 'Call It Like I See It'

Remember when the band Big Time Rush was the it boy band back in the day? Well, after a long hiatus, they're finally back! Their new single, "Call It Like I See It," takes us back to their glory days. It deserves a spot on every pop radio station and we're willing to bet it's going to become a hit in no time. "We couldn't be more excited to share our first single 'Call It Like I See It,'" the band shared in a press release. "After months of hard work recording and rehearsing, we are thrilled to finally kick off this brand-new chapter for us as a band."


8. Roddy Ricch'Live Life Fast Album Stuns Fans

Roddy Rich is one of our favorite current rappers, and for good reason! His voice is so captivating and his lyrics are seriously amazing. With the drop of his new album Live Life Fast, we can't stop listening to each and every song. "25 Million" has a great music video we think audiences everywhere will like. It tells such a cool story and honestly makes us think of the movie Wolf of Wallstreet.


9. The Weekend Duets With Aaliyah on the Incredible Posthumous Release, 'Poison'

More than 20 years after her untimely death, Aaliyah's gorgeous song "Poison" is finally seeing the light of day. It's only one of the many tracks that will be released on the posthumous record Unstoppable, coming next year, and we love the way her soaring classic R&B vocals mesh so perfectly with the more modern musicality of The Weeknd, who also lent his voice to the track. If you're all about music from the '90s, prepare to fall in love with this track.


10. FKA twigs and The Weeknd Team Up for 'Tears in the Club'

One single just wasn't enough for The Weeknd this week! He truly can't be stopped and completely amazed us in his collaboration with FKA twigs in "Tears in the Club." We were pretty much floored the first time we listened to it, and think you will be, too! "Tears in the Club" is a total banger and we picture it playing in a steamy club. The music video is a must-watch and will definitely put you in a dancing mood.


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