10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of February 11, 2022

Every time the weekend rolls around, we like to sit back and listen to new tunes.

And lucky for us, some of our favorite artists of all time have released some amazing new songs and albums! From up-and-comers like Priscilla Block to well-known artists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, there's tons of music to listen to. Continue below to get a look at the top 10 things that happened in music the week of Feb. 11, 2022!


1. McKenna Grace Gets Emotional With 'Do All My Friends Hate Me?'

McKenna Grace is a master when it comes to taking her feelings and emotions and putting them into graceful lyrics. Not only are the topics she sings about totally relatable, but they're haunting in a way, too. Her latest single, "Do All My Friends Hate Me?", is all about the insecurities she faces around her friends. And if you've ever been self-conscious around those close to you, you'll love the lyrics and sound of this song. "I have really bad anxiety when it comes to my friends, and I'm always worried they secretly hate me or are annoyed with me," McKenna shared in a press release. "I wrote that song while I was stuck in a two-week quarantine before a shoot in Canada. None of my friends were calling or texting me back, and it was all I had to focus on. I just felt so insecure, isolated and sad."


2. Priscilla Block Releases Welcome to the Block Party Debut Album

If you're in need of sassy country music with a pop twist, look no further than Priscilla Block's album Welcome to the Block Party. Her sound is all about love, friends and growing up. "Welcome to the Block Party means the entire world to me," Priscilla told Sweety High. "This is my debut album! You only get your first one time. The block party sound is a little sassy, a little trashy and a little sad. I think, all in all, it's country, but pulls a little rock and a little pop sometimes."We're especially enamored with the song "You Peaked In High School," where she essentially talks to the mean girl she used to deal with in the past. If you've ever had a mean girl in your life, you will absolutely want to sing this tune from the top of your lungs.


3. LØLØ Collabs with Maggie Lindemann on 'debbie downer'

We didn't think we could love LØLØ more than we already do until we heard her collab with Maggie Lindemann in the form of their new song, "debbie downer." If you've ever been called a Debbie Downer before and not really understood why, this song will quickly become a favorite of yours. Not to mention the stellar music video, which pulls in themes from Bring It On, aka, one of the best films ever. "I love that we put a dark twist on all of the cheers—I think it adds a kind of satire and makes it funny," LØLØ told Sweety High. "'debbie downer' is about not fitting in, so by putting a spin on these cheers, I was trying to imitate the "mean girls" talking s***, in a joking way. The contrast of the cheerleading aesthetic and the idea of being a Debbie Downer just further pushes the point that I'm not a Debbie Downer, or 'too aggressive,' but that it's just what I've been called. It's for anyone who's ever been called a name or been given a label that is not true to themselves."


4. Noah Schnacky Drops THOUGHTFULLY RECKLESS Album

Fans of Noah Schnacky have long been awaiting the release of new music, and with the drop of THOUGHTFULLY RECKLESS, it's finally here. Complete with 12 songs (11 of which were written by Noah himself), this album is romantic at its core and all about love and happiness. "This collection is raw and hopeful. Sometimes it's hard to put out there but it's authentically everything I've been through myself, put in chronological order," Noah shared. "I just hope that it connects. I hope someone hears this music and feels like they're not alone, and it leaves them uplifted."


5. Dove Cameron Stuns Fans With 'Boyfriend'

Dove Cameron will always be one of our favorite Disney gals, and with the release of her new single "Boyfriend," we're even more smitten with the actress and singer. Embracing her queerness, this song takes a deep dive into finding her true self. And find her true self she did! In an Instagram post, Dove shared with her followers: "emotional !!! will come back & speak on how much it means to me to write/release from a queer perspective and have it feel powerful & right and not as terrifying as i had always imagined, but for now i'm going to nap 😴 because this week was break neck !! i hope you love boyfriend like i love you . ps: we are all now legally boyfriends . see you in the morning please stream the s*** out of this, xxxxxxxxxx"


6. Doja Cat Breaks Genre Barriers With Her Cover of 'Celebrity Skin'

While we love Doja Cat's original music, there's just something about her rendition of Hole's "Celebrity Skin" that gets us excited. To be released as part of a Taco Bell commercial during Super Bowl Sunday, Doja channeled her rebellious teen self in this song. We love the new sound she added to the track, and it's super clear where the Courtney Love influences came about.


7. Fivio Foreign, Kanye West and Alicia Keys Team Together for 'City of Gods'

What do you get when you partner up Fivio Foreign, Kanye West and Alicia Keys? Brilliance, that's what! The trio just dropped the song "City of Gods," and we're seriously in awe. Sampling JAY-Z's "Empire State of Mind," this track has it all. It's a total banger and sure to be on everyone's playlists. When DJ Clue asked how the idea for the record came to be, Fivio said, "Chainsmokers did the song and I played it for Ye. He said 'I see something with this song, send it to me.' He switched the beat around a little bit. At first, I said there ain't no king of New York, nobody really in charge. And Ye was like, yo, you gotta say you the king of New York. You the one that's in charge."


8. Vance Joy Teases Fans With 'Don't Fade' Off Upcoming Album

If you're into indie or alternative styles of music, you're likely already familiar with Vance Joy. He sure does know how to pull on our heartstrings, and that's no different with his latest single, "Don't Fade." As part of his upcoming album, this song is all about the feeling of being with someone you love on a deep level. "I wrote 'Don't Fade' with my friend and frequent songwriting partner Dave Bassett toward the end of 2019," Vance Joy shared. "It came as a surprise and felt like a special discovery. I like writing about that feeling of timelessness you get when you're with someone you love. When we came to produce the song, I had the great fortune to work with Take a Daytrip, Edwin White and David Longstreth (of Dirty Projectors). Writing this song was the starting point for my new album. I knew I was on a path somewhere once this song came along."


9. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Collab On 'The Joker and the Queen'

Can you believe that "The Joker and the Queen" is Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's fourth collab? Every time the friends come together, we're left in shock. Their sounds blend together seamlessly, and we could listen to their songs for hours on end. The music video for "The Joker and the Queen" is a continuation of "Everything Has Changed," which came out years ago. Using the same actors, we get to see the pair as teens in a beautiful coming-of-age story. It's a must-watch!


10. Saweetie and H.E.R Team Up for 'Closer'

As part of Saweetie's upcoming album Pretty B**** Music, she teamed up with H.E.R for "Closer." This song manages to be vibey, sultry and dreamy all at the same time. With different sounds featured throughout, from singing to rapping, fans of the two female stars will fall in love. We can't wait for the music video, which is being dropped very soon!


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