10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of February 17, 2023

With winter coming to a close in one short month, now is the perfect time to snuggle up on the couch and listen to some new music.

And this week was without a doubt our favorite of the year so far. From Lana Del Rey to Niall Horan and P!nk, top artists were dropping new tracks we can't just get enough of. Here are the 10 big things that happened in music the week of Feb. 17, 2023.

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1. morgen Drops 'Sick of Me' Ahead of EP

Indie-pop artist morgen just dropped her new single "Sick of Me" ahead of the release of her upcoming EP BRAVADO, out March 9, and if this track is any indication as to what else we can expect, we are in for quite the treat. Accompanied by a horror-inspired music video, this song is a teenage angst record at its finest. If you've ever felt self-loathing or vulnerable, trust us when we say you're going to want to give this a listen. "'Sick of Me' is 100% teenage rage and self-loathing," morgen shared in a press release. "I wrote this song whilst in the middle of breaking up with a friend, which left me feeling really vulnerable. I was so annoyed at myself for letting our friendship carry on the way it had been, and I hated who I was at the time. It was a really tense and heated time for me, but luckily I got one of my favorite songs out of it!"


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2. Michaël Brun and Oxlade Join Forces for 'Clueless'

Grammy winner Michaël Brun joined forces with Oxlade for their new song "Clueless," and the dynamic track is everything we could have hoped for and more. Fusing different cultures and sounds into one innovative song, "Clueless" results in a Caribbean-Afro fusion beat that we can't get enough of. Whether you're in the car or the club, you won't be able to help but bob your head and dance to the music. "Working with Oxlade was such an honor," Michaël shared in a press release. "I knew from the first song of his I heard—that he was a true genius. It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that his session with me in the States was his first outside of his home country, Nigeria. The operatic elements of his voice and the ways in which he uses harmonies and layers are what make Oxlade who he is, a true legend. It was a really, really incredible experience so I'm excited to finally release the song. I'm extremely proud of it. It's one of my favorite things I've ever done and I hope that people like it as well."


3. Toosii Releases Passionate New Single 'Favorite Song'

From our first listen of Toosi's "Favorite Song," we were instantly hooked and could feel the love seeping from his voice. With a romantic melody and heart-pulsing sound, Toosi shows what it means to be a good partner, and it's something we think everyone (whether you're single or in a relationship) will adore. "'Favorite Song' is about touching every dynamic of what a woman expects from a man," Toosii explained in a press release. "It's a heart throbbing, real life, and motivational record. But yet a distinct song that is bound to be your favorite song."


4. Grammy Nom Omar Apollo Drops New Single '3 Boys'

If you plan on seeing SZA on tour, you will also get the opportunity to see Grammy nominee Omar Apollo, who will be joining the star. After listening to his new single "3 Boys," we think we just might need to go see him on stage. This track is vibey and romantic and will leave you wondering what it's like to have more than one romantic interest at once. "When I first started writing songs I would often write about unrequited love," Omar shared in a press release. "Eventually I wrote songs about the complexities that come with a relationship. '3 Boys' was my first time writing about something non-monogamous. Having more than one person to talk to."


5. Nessa Barrett Explores Intrusive Thoughts in 'BANG BANG!'

Nessa Barrett's new punk-infused song "BANG BANG!" was almost titled "Intrusive Thoughts," and we can see why after giving the track a listen. With a punky beat and black-and-white music video, this is giving us some major Avril Lavigne vibes (in the best way). Singing about caged-in feelings, thoughts of rage and revenge, this track is one we plan on listening to again and again. "I really hope my audience can just get out any pent-up emotion with this song and scream it," Nessa shared in an interview with Sweety High. "It's such a fun song to perform, and I can't wait for everyone to be screaming back the lyrics to me on tour."


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6. Anna of the North Shares Dreamy Single 'Swirl' Off Upcoming Album

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Anna of the North just came out with her dreamy new single "Swirl," and we're majorly obsessed. You might know her from her hit single "Lovers," and we think "Swirl" is about to be her next big hit. Featuring a poppy beat and overall good vibes, this song is one you'll find yourself putting on repeat. "'Swirl' is quite a happy song inspired by sad feelings," Anna shared in a press release. "It's a song about those big questions. What am I really doing here, on earth? I've always thought that life would get easier with age. But I was obviously wrong."


7. P!nk Unveils New Album Trustfall

P!nk is the OG queen of punk-pop, and with the release of her new album Trustfall, we get to experience the artist on a whole new level. With 13 tracks featuring The Lumineers, First Aid Kit and Chris Stapleton, the album has a song for everyone to enjoy. Our favorites have to be "Trustfall" and "Never Gonna Not Dance Again"—just give them a listen—you can thank us later. "I can't believe this day is finally here!! I have been waiting almost patiently to share my heart and soul with all of you," P!nk shared in an Instagram post. "This album means so much to me it's silly sauce. I hope this becomes the 'I remember where I was when I listened to that album' for you."


8. Bebe Rexha Drops Emotional Ballad 'Hearts Wants What It Wants'

Bebe Rexha has been coming out with hit after hit, and her latest song, "Heart Wants What It Wants," will hit you in your core. This emotional ballad is all too relatable for those of us who have fallen in and out of love, and the poppy beat will make you forget your feelings of aloneness and focus on your independence. "'Heart Wants What It Wants' is about the time in relationships where you fall out of love with your partner," Bebe shared in a press release. "It's an anthem about wanting what you want and not being apologetic for it. It could be anything you feel conflicted about wanting and not specific to romance."


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9. Lana Del Rey Stuns Fans With 7-Minute Song 'A&W'

This is not a drill—we repeat—this is not a drill! Lana Del Rey just released a seven-minute-long song titled "A&W," and wow, we are in love. Lana never misses the mark when it comes to her indie rock hits, and this new track is absolutely no different. Seven minutes might seem like a long time, but it will fly by when you listen to this track. In the song, she sings, "Wondering what went wrong. I'm a princess, I'm divisive. Ask my why, why, why I'm like this. Maybe I just kinda like this. I don't know, maybe I'm just like this." It might take you a few listens, but you'll quickly find yourself singing right along with Lana.


10. Niall Horan Drops New Single 'Heaven' Off Upcoming Album

To round off our top 10 this week, we're finishing strong with the release of Niall Horan's new single "Heaven." The One Direction alum dropped this single ahead of the release of his upcoming album, The Show, out June 9, and we seriously can't wait. "Heaven" is ethereal, dreamy and downright vibey, and we're honestly obsessed from start to finish. "There's so much pressure for people to hit certain milestones by a certain age—you get married at this age, buy a house at that age, have kids at some other age," Horan shared in a press release. "But I've never conformed to those ideas, and so I wanted to write about how we all should just focus on enjoying our lives and doing what feels right, instead of worrying about what might be expected of us."


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