10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of January 13, 2023

We still can't believe it's already 2023, but guess what? We have so much new music to look forward to.

This week, especially, was full of some incredible new hits from all of our favorite artists. From up-and-comers like Stacey Ryan to superstars like Miley Cyrus, there's plenty to listen to. Just keep scrolling to get a look at the 10 big things that happened in music the week of Jan. 13, 2023.

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1. Ella Vos Shares New Single 'Mindreader'

Ella Vos is coming out with a new album, Superglue, on March 3, and if her new single "Mindreader" is any indication of how good the album is going to be, we are in for quite the treat. "Mindreader" is a dreamy tune with a beautiful music video to go with it, and we're seriously in love. "'Mindreader' is about being done with 'the game,'" Ella shared in a press release. "Songwriter Emma Rosen and I were chatting one afternoon, passing a guitar casually back and forth in my kitchen. I was playing a weird ascending major chord progression as we talked about how we pour ourselves fully into everything we love and our desire for healthy communication. I had a visceral image of ripping my bleeding heart out, as I've been feeling so deeply in love it feels like it could burst."


2. Stacey Ryan Drops New Song 'Over Tonight'

Combining the likes of jazz and R&B, Stacey Ryan's new song "Over Tonight" is something we think everyone will enjoy. With powerful lyrics and a smooth melody, it has us falling in love at first listen. It's vibey and is all about embracing your feelings, and we truly can't get enough. "To me, the song is about how important it is to make your feelings known because you never know what could happen if you try," she shared in an interview with Sweety High. "I hope when people listen to the song, they not only follow the storytelling but also listen to all the intricate musical elements and layers to the song."


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3. Blanco Brown Releases 'I'll Never' Single

If Blanco Brown isn't already on your radar, allow us to make an introduction. This week, he released his new single, "I'll Never," and we can't get over the country twang and nod to romance. Whether you're in a relationship with the love of your life or are on a journey of self-discovery, we think you'll adore this track. "'I'll Never' is about loving someone the way they need to be loved because everyone needs and deserves love in different ways," Blanco shared in a press release, "even if it means looking in the mirror learning to love yourself just a little bit more."


4. HENRY Debuts New Single 'Moonlight'

HENRY is a Canadian-Chinese singer-songwriter that we think everyone needs to listen to, especially with the debut of his new single "Moonlight." This song perfectly captures his unique storytelling ability and blends it with a stunning indie-pop sound. With the whistled melody, you'll be just as in love as we are. "I just hope that everyone who hears this song can temporarily escape from the stresses and troubles of everything in their lives," HENRY shared in an interview with Sweety High. "That it can bring a smile to everyone and hopefully relieve some of your daily stress, no matter what field of work you do, or whether you're a student, or in an office. Honestly, this is a song that I feel like I really needed."


5. Hunter Daily Shares Live Performance of 'Die In LA'

With a raw sound and emotional lyrics, Hunter Daily's single "Die In LA" is one of our all-time favorites, and its brand new live performance has us floored. Featuring a soulful piano and an acoustic guitar, this new video, which is part of her Canyon Session series, will take you on a journey of hometown blues. Whether you're from L.A. yourself or have a love-hate relationship with your own hometown, this song is definitely worth a listen. "This song is my 'love/hate' letter to L.A.," Hunter shared with Sweety High in an interview. "If you are following a dream in entertainment, it's the place to be, but it's easy to get stuck here. L.A. is my home, my family and friends, and my identity, but I know there's more out there. At the end of the day, I just hope my music can resonate with my listeners, as other artists' songs have done for me."


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6. Ber Drops New Song 'Your Internet Sucks'

You know that feeling when you're no longer with someone, and you don't exactly wish them ill will, but you also don't want them to be ecstatically happy? Ber channels that emotion perfectly in her new song "Your Internet Sucks." The singer-songwriter knows how to tell a story, and we think it's one most will enjoy listening to. "'Your Internet Sucks' is an ode to the boy who broke my heart," Ber shared in a press release. "I don't wish him the worst, but I do wish him minor inconveniences. For example, when he's playing Fortnite, I hope his internet sucks."


7. The Chainsmokers and Cheyenne Giles Join Forces for 'Make You Feel'

The Chainsmokers have been coming out with hit after hit, and their new song, "Make You Feel," made in collaboration with Cheyenne Giles, is a new sound and look we're obsessed with. The song has a dancey-club beat, and combined with the music video, it's simply a match made in heaven. If you're into clubby sounds and groovy beats, trust us when we say you're going to play this song on repeat. "Our song is finally out today, we are super proud of it, but most proud to have worked with Cheyenne," The Chainsmokers shared in an Instagram post. "To all the producers out there, just keep pushing, be humble but hungry and believe in yourself the same way Cheyenne did. Doing a song with us doesnt mean sh** utlimately but look at this story as an example of staying determined and continuing to expand your community. Cheyenne we love you, we love this song, its out now everywhere and it is a dance floor weapon!"


8. Julia Wolf Releases New Album Good Thing We Stayed

Julia Wolf isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but a few short years ago, she considered quitting music altogether. Fast forward to now, she decided to stick with it, and we thank our lucky stars for that! The result is her new album Good Thing We Stayed, and each track is an ode to her previous struggle. From "Now" to "Sad Too Young," there's a song for everyone to enjoy. "Many of these songs represent earlier days in our careers when we were facing many challenges that people didn't know were happening," Julia shared with Sweety High in an interview. "It feels like this album is a chance to explain how things never happen overnight, no matter how much it may look like that on the outside. Songs like "Now" also take a moment to reflect on how far we've come and appreciate all the goals we've been able to cross off the list this early on."


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9. Sam Smith Partners Up With Jessie Reyez and Koffee for 'Gimme'

When we found out Sam Smith had released a song with Jessie Reyez and Koffee, we immediately dropped what we were doing and streamed it. And guess what? It's even better than we were expecting. "Gimme" blends Sam's pop vocals, Jessie's R&B sound and Koffee's reggae beats, and we're in love. The end result is a dancey bop perfect for the club. In a press release about the song, Sam said, "Me and Jessie were basically drunk, drinking whisky in Jamaica, two in the morning, running around, like two girlfriends having a laugh, it's a very sensual song."


10. Miley Cyrus Stuns Fans With New Single 'Flowers'

Miley Cyrus's last album came out back in 2020, and we've been patiently awaiting a new era of music ever since. With the drop of her new single, "Flowers," we know we're in for something good with the upcoming release of her new album, Endless Summer Vacation, out March 10. "Flowers" is bound to be a hit, and paired with the genius music video, we know we'll be singing this song from the top of our lungs all year long.


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