10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of July 9, 2021

Week after week, we're continually blown away by the beats, videos and albums our favorite artists come out with.

This week, in particular, was full of some incredible new music, that it was hard to narrow it down! With new musical content from stars like Post Malone, Billie Eilish and more, trust us when we say you will be far from bored while streaming these new tracks this weekend. Continue below for the 10 big things that happened in music the week of July 9, 2021.

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1. Mila Nabours Wows With 3-Track EP Vision

Up-and-comer Mila Nabours is just 15 years old and already has singing, dancing and acting under her belt. We're big fans of her singing skills and were thrilled to hear her new 3-track EP, Vision, which features the soon-to-be hit songs "Hypnosis," "New Moon" and "Catch Me.". When asked about the title of the EP in an interview with Sweety High, Mila said, "Every step I take in discovering who I am is a step away from creating a clear vision on how I perceive, see, as well as feel, about myself. All in all, the word 'vision' represents a new way I am exploring myself and transforming into the person that I want to be."


2. Indie Singer Ella Jane Stuns With New Single, 'Thief'

If you're on the hunt for feel-good, cool-girl music, look no further than indie singer Ella Jane. She just dropped her latest single, "Thief," and it's giving us all the feels. Moody, ethereal and overwhelming are just a few of the words that come to mind after listening to this hit. We're getting some major Billie Eilish vibes, but on a less dark level. Trust us when we say Ella is about to pop off.


3. Camylio Drops Intriguing New Song, 'Love and Hate'

First things first, the voice Camylio puts out into the world is not what we were expecting when we got a look at the 20 year-old. But wow, we were blown away when we heard "Love and Hate" earlier this week. His voice is truly out of this world, and the lyrics of this single are heartbreaking, yet relatable. "When you're in a relationship, you share music and playlists," Camylio shared in a press release about the song. "As soon as everything goes wrong and falls apart, you can't even listen to the songs associated with that person anymore. You've broken up, and you're trying to get yourself together."


4. Elle Winter Releases Sassy New Single, 'Candy'

We're loving the way Elle Winter used the idea of candy to talk about relationships. The song is refreshing, fun to sing along to and is definitely going to be on our dance party playlist this summer. "'Candy' is a playful, cheeky, yet empowering song about not tolerating sweet talking and game playing in any relationship," Elle shared in a press release. "I want people to sing along, dance and have fun with this soulful, summer jam while being reminded that they deserve to be treated with respect and decency always."


5. Tom Odell Drops Emotional Album, monsters

With a total of 16 tracks, Tom Odell's new album monsters is full of everything from electronic to pop and everything in between. It's clear that he put his heart and soul into this album, and for that we applaud him! After listening to it one time through, we're certain when we say this is some of the best content he's ever put out. In a press release about the album, Tom said, "I was writing songs like I always did, but it wasn't until I started writing about stuff that was contributing to my mental health problems that I felt like a record was forming."


6. Joy Oladokun Releases Highly Anticipated Album, In Defense of My Own Happiness

Back in May, Joy Oladokun released her single "Better Man" featuring Maren Morris, and we couldn'wait for the rest of the album. Now that it's finally here, all of our hopes and dreams were met! In Defense of My Own Happiness is better than anything we could have anticipated, and each of the 14 tracks (plus 10 additional ones from her 2020 self-released record) are just as good as the next. Her compelling vocals and vulnerable lyrics make for one stunning album that we beg you to listen to.


7. Sophie Powers and Kellin Quinn Team Up for New Song, '1 Thing'

Kellin Quinn has recently collabed with Machine Gun Kelly in "love race," and if you liked that, then you'll love "1 Thing" with Sophie Powers. Sophie is a young pop rockstar that has tons of potential, and if "1 Thing" is an indication of where she's headed, we can't wait! The lyrics are relatable, the tune is catchy and it makes you want to get up and groove. "Sometimes you just need one thing or person to get through everything else," Sophie shared in a press release. "That one real thing is really all I, and I'm sure many kids my age need in a time where things like social media, friendships, the internet and more is unreal."


8. Loren Gray Breaks Out as Independent Artist With New Single and Music Video for 'Piece of Work'

Loren Gray is undoubtedly the queen of Gen Z and has made quite the name for herself in the last few years. Her millions of fans across TikTok, Spotify, Snapchat, Instagram and more are prime examples of how much of an influence she is. Her latest single, "Piece of Work," is actually the first song and music video she's put out as an independent artist. After breaking away from a major label, "Piece of Work" already shows how much of a superstar this girl is.


9. Billie Eilish Drops New Single and Music Video, 'NDA'

Billie Eilish has been blessing us with her singing abilities and songwriting skills from a very young age, and that has in no way changed. Her latest single "NDA" gives off the typical moody behavior we expect, but it'so much more. We picture ourselves blaring this in the car at night, going through a tunnel with our besties in the back seat. This is about to be the song of the summer.


10. Post Malone Releases Fun New Track and Music Video for 'Motley Crew'

We can't think of a cooler backdrop for a music video than Auto Club Speedway. Post Malone stood alongside NASCAR stars Denny Hamlin and Bubba Wallace for this epic shoot, and we love the end result. Not only can Post Malone totally pull over a racecar driver outfit, but the song itself is one we could see ourselves jamming to all summer. And you know who else loved the song? Tons of stars, as made evident by their appearances in the video! Be on the lookout for people like French Montana, Tyga, Big Sean and more.


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