10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of June 17, 2022

Summer officially begins in just a few short days, and our favorite artists and bands aren't playing around.

This week there were incredible new musical releases absolutely perfect for the summer. From groovy beats to pop hits, we think this week in music just might be our favorite of the entire year. Not sure what's worth listening to? Continue below to get a look at 10 big things that happened in music the week of June 17, 2022.

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1. Mt. Joy Releases Third Studio Album, Orange Blood

If you're a fan of indie contemporary rock music, allow us to introduce you to Mt. Joy. The band just released their third studio album, Orange Blood, and it's everything we could have hoped for and more. With songs full of beautiful lyrics, contemplative meanings and all-around groovy sounds, this is one album we can definitely get behind. When asked about the themes in the album, Matt Quinn of Mt. Joy told Sweety High"Self-discovery, new love and loss. I just hope in these insane times people can be present and get lost in these songs long enough to feel something other than the craziness that is all around us now. I think there's a theme about zooming out and keeping things simple that can really help people reset if they dive in."


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2. girlfriends Come Out With Hit New Album, (e)motion sickness

We've been fans of girlfriends ever since their release of "California," and with the release of their new album, (e)motion sickness, we're more excited than ever. We sat down and listened to all 14 tracks in one go and loved each and every one. With songs about heartbreak, love lost and being a hopeless romantic, these songs are not only relatable but super catchy. When asked about the album title, Travis Mills of girlfriends told Sweety High: "It's the perfect description of how I've been feeling over the last two years. Struggling with an emotional duality that forces one to overthink, overreact, underappreciate and look at the world in harsh contrast. It's poking fun at my tendency to be dramatic. How my guilty pleasure is self-expression, me saying to myself, 'We get it… you're sad.'"


3. Summy Transforms Into a Fairytale Princess In 'Said It After'

Summer Ferguson, known musically as Summy, just dropped her latest single "Said It After," and it brought all of her fairytale dreams to life. The music video shows Summy wearing shimmery, translucent wings and gorgeous pink hair, surrounded by other lovely creatures of the forest. It's the perfect setting for the song and its stunning lyrics, which discuss relationships and how they don't always end the way we want them to. "'Said It After' talks about a relationship that didn't work out," Summy told Sweety High in an interview. "After the relationship ends, the person comes to say all the things you wanted to hear when you were together but now it's too late, because they said it after. As far as inspiration, there were multiple stories within the room when writing and everyone had so many beautiful interpretations."


4. K-Pop Girl Group bugAboo Share New Single Album, POP

Here at Sweety High, we're big fans of K-pop music, so we were overjoyed when we found out that girl group bugAboo was sharing a new single album! POP is comprised of two songs, "Pop" and "Easy Move." The music video for "Pop" is full of dancing, hot beats and an overall fun vibe. When asked about the two new songs, Zin of bugAboo told Sweety High"Both tracks have significantly addictive beats and melodies, but their styles are different so you can feel our powerful and feminine sides in this album!"


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5. Hailey Haus Drops New Single 'Flavor of the Month'

If you're on TikTok, you might have caught a sneak peek at Hailey Haus's "Flavor of the Month." It blew up pretty much right away, and now that the full song is out in the world, we think it's about to become everyone's favorite summer tune. The song is upbeat, pop-y and shows off Hailey's powerful vocals. "It's a story about taking the power back in a sense," Hailey shared in a press release. "At the time, I was single, and I was trying to find the right guy. I talked to a handful of boys over this one year. In my mind, I'm looking for my husband. Behind my back, some girl said, 'Oh my Gosh, Hailey always has a flavor of the month.' I was so bothered, because I'm not trying to talk to a million guys for no reason; I'm looking for the right person to commit my life to. One day, I thought what she said would be a hilarious concept for a song, so I made it my own."


6. Rainbow Kitten Surprise Release Captivating Music Video for 'Work Out'

Just a few short months ago, the lead singer of Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Ela Melo, came out as transgender, and her incredible transformation shows in the band's new music video for "Work Out." Although the song was released back in April, it was this week that the music video came to fruition, and we are in love. Full of evocative and beautiful lyrics, as well as stunning moves from Ela and her bandmates, we highly suggest giving this truly outstanding music video a watch.


7. New Hope Club Unveil New Tracks 'Girl Who Does Both' and 'Getting Better'

British boy band New Hope Club just released two songs for fans, "Girl Who Does Both" and "Getting Better." "Girl Who Does Both" is our favorite of the bunch as it taps into the band's acoustic and gentle side. However, "Getting Better" is just as good, yet completely different, as it's more of a pop song.  "'Girl Who Does Both' is a love note to our girlfriends," New Hope Club shared in a press release. "We love the little things and this song goes through all of those subtle details that you fall in love with when you meet someone. 'Getting Better' embodies the album, it portrays exactly how we were feeling when we began this project, starting a new era. Being in the studio together, making music with our best friends, life was getting better."


8. Calum Scott Delivers Emotionally-Charged Album, Bridges

Calum Scott originally came to fame after competing on Britain's Got Talent back in 2015, and ever since then, he's been giving fans hit after hit, and with the release of his sophomore album, Bridges, we're just as hooked on him as ever. Featuring amazing songs like "Heaven" and "Rise," his soaring vocals and beautiful message comes through clearly in each and every song. "From touring all over the world and seeing how people have been affected by my music, I realized how important it is for me to keep writing from a very honest place," Calum shared in a press release. "I've learned that I can take the painful things I've been through, then create something beautiful that helps people to process their feelings, to take action, to become more compassionate and understanding of others, or just to escape from the world for a while. For me this new album is about sharing things I've never shared before and taking leaps that sometimes feel terrifying, with the hope that it will bring some inspiration or reassurance to anyone who needs it."


9. K-Pop Star WONHO Shares Mini Album, FACADE

Formerly of the K-pop group MONSTA X, WONHO is officially a solo artist, and he's absolutely killing it. With the release of his new mini-album, FACADE, fans (us included) everywhere have been streaming the new content non-stop. With five stunning new tracks to listen to, we can pretty much guarantee at least one of them will be added to your summer playlist. "One gets to experience an array of emotions at a carnival," WONHO shared in a press release. "And I tried to portray them through 'Facade.' Just as you feel like you're in a different world when at a carnival, wouldn't it be nice to be trapped in that moment if you could continue to feel the countless emotions you get when we're together?"


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10. Drake Surprises Fans With New Album, Honestly, Nevermind

Drake, aka Champagne Papi, aka Lover Boy, just surprised fans with a new album, and people are completely losing their minds. We weren't expecting the release of Honestly, Nevermind, and we're pretty sure it makes it 10 times better. Complete with 14 songs including "Falling Back" and "Sticky," the album has a dance and electronic vibe we love. In an Instagram story about the release of the album, Drake told his fans: "I let my humbleness turn to numbness at times letting time go by knowing I got the endurance to catch it another time. I work with every breath in my body cause it's the work not air that makes me feel alive."


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