10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of March 18, 2022

If you plan on celebrating St. Patrick's Day this weekend, why not do it with some great new music?

This week, in particular, was full of all sorts of amazing new content. From up-and-comers like GAYLE to fan-favorites like Machine Gun Kelly, there is something for everyone to listen to. Keep scrolling for the 10 big things that happened in music the week of March 18, 2022.

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1. Zach Hood Releases Relatable Single 'never knew a heart could break itself'

Anytime a song by Zach Hood comes on, sometimes, it takes us a second to realize it's not Justin Bieber, and with his latest release, "never knew a heart could break itself," he's giving off all the Bieber vibes. It's a great breakup song and one everyone needs to listen to if they need a good cry. Plus, it'super relatable. In an interview with Sweety High about the song, Zach said, "'never knew a heart could break itself' could be about many things, but the thing that came to mind when writing it is the time period after a mutual breakup where you regret breaking up, but you know the other person doesn't feel the same and you don't wanna look stupid if you say something and they tell you off. It's about struggling to let them go even though you already set them free."


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2. Gatlin Gets Sentimental in Music Video for '2000 Miles'

If you're a fan of Gatlin or have heard her music on your TikTok's For You page, we're right there with you! Her newest release, "2000 Miles," also has a music video and we are in love. From her dreamy outfits to her vibey vocals, this song is a total bop. "In January of 2021, I moved from Nashville to Los Angeles," Gatlin told Sweety High in an interview. "I road tripped with friends out there and we did the drive in four days. I wrote the song the first week settling in L.A. just about that experience of moving to a new place and wanting to discover new parts of myself and find freedom on the West Coast."


3. MOD SUN Drops 'Rich Kids Ruin Everything'

MOD SUN is releasing a new album soon, and "Rich Kids Ruin Everything" is the first single! If it's an ode for what's to come, we couldn't be more excited. It's a fun scream-anthem with a punk-rock twist, and we're obsessed. If you like music from blink-182 and Machine Gun Kelly, you will absolutely love MOD SUN. In a press release about the song, MOD SUN shared, "I grew up a scene kid, I grew up a skateboarder and a pop-punk kid and I used to get made fun of for being all of those, for the way I looked, the way I dressed, for the way I acted and all the things love and it's both awesome and hilarious, yet confusing seeing the general public and pop culture embracing all the things that I would get torn down for. This is a song that I wrote for all the kids that feel confident in their own skin and don't walk around wearing a costume."


4. Brynn Elliott's 'Beautiful Things' Is a Masterpiece of a Song

Whether you're in love, are falling in love or are recovering from a heartbreak, we think you'll find comfort in Brynn Elliott's newest song, "Beautiful Things." The song itself beautifully describes love, while the music video is simple and hopeful. It's such a stunning track, and we'll be the first to admit we've been listening to it non-stop. "'Beautiful Things' is about how life can hold multitudes," Brynn said in a press release. "You can be going through the hardest moment in your life while also experiencing the most wonderful moment in your life. Joy and sorrow are more connected than we know. For me, it was learning that love was still real and possible in the months following my dad's passing. There are beautiful things all around us. May we see them and enjoy."


5. Caroline Romano Has Fun In 'Dizzy' Music Video

Off of Caroline Romano's new album, Oddities and Prodigies, comes "Dizzy." The song is one you'll want to sing along with, and the music video displays it in such a gorgeous and unique way. Featuring iridescent backdrops and hypnotizing camera angles, this video is a must-watch. "I wanted the video to feel like a melted world of art," Caroline explained in a press release. "I truly can only draw the human figure without a face, so the video sort of likens that line to modern-day interactions—there are all these people around but we don't really know them."


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6. Sam Tompkins Wows Fans With New Album, who do you pray to?

The moment Sam Tompkins' new album was released, we immediately streamed it. who do you pray to? is finally out, and fans everywhere can rejoice! This mini-album features all sorts of beautiful tracks, including "Hero" and "My Brother."  "after years of working on this mini-album, at midnight it will be yours," Sam shared in an Instagram post. "i know i've been a fool this week and made plenty of jokes and made you question reality a little, but the fact is this: this project is the most important thing i've ever done in my life. no question. every minute i've spent on this journey has lead me right here; every lyric, melody, instrumental, riff, run, EVERYTHING has brought me here."


7. Mabel Teams Up With Jax Jones and Galantis for 'Good Luck'

What happens when you put Mabel, Jax Jones and Galantis into a room together? You get musical gold! Their new song, "Good Luck," is truly spectacular and we think dance and electronic fans will fall head over heels for it. It's the perfect song to dance with your girlfriends to and is very catchy. In a press release about the song, Mabel said, "'Good Luck' is the empowering song you need when getting ready to go out: when you're feeling low about someone, and your friends will take you out to get that person off your mind."


8. GAYLE Gives Fans What They Want With New EP a study of the human experience volume one

Most of us know GAYLE from TikTok and her song "abcdefu," and if you're a fan of the artist, you'll be happy to hear she's released an EP! a study of the human experience volume one is finally here and is complete with six amazing tracks. Along with the release of the EP is her new music video for "luv starved," which we're also enjoying! "when i was younger i had an image in my head of who i was going to be when i got older," GAYLE shared in an Instagram post about the EP. "how i was going to act, how i was going to dress, what type of friends i was going to have, the things i wasn't going to do till i was married or twenty one and then i grew up and stuck to none of it. for awhile i didn't know why because it so important to me when i was younger. then i realized what i wanted in life has just changed and that's okay. the study of the human experience for me is about my life experiences and the people's i collaborated with on the project experience. for me, growing up is about making mistakes and learning from them. it just sucks sometimes that i have to make so many to learn."


9. Love You Later Releases Dreamy Single 'Keepintouch'

Lexi Aviles, aka, Love You Later, dropped her latest single "Keepintouch," and we think everyone will want to give it a listen. It's a mix of pop and indie, and we're totally vibing with the sound. She's giving some major LANY vibes, which we love. In a press release, Lexi Aviles of Love You Later said, "We finally came up with the concept for the song once I came to this strange realization—I felt more connected to myself when I had other people around me, but I knew that I really needed to learn to be alone again in order to truly feel connected with myself. And I also wanted to express the fear of losing the people I loved in the process. It's pretty much summed up in the tag of the song: I'm losing touch with everyone else / trying to keep in touch with myself."


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10. Machine Gun Kelly Surprises Fans With 'Maybe' Feat. Bring Me the Horizon

Machine Gun Kelly has been on a roll lately! He literally just released "Ay" two weeks ago, but that wasn't enough! This week, he teamed up with Bring Me the Horizon for the new song "Maybe." And if you've been into the music he's been dropping lately, there's absolutely no way you won'like "Maybe." It's bound to be another radio hit and we can't wait to see where it lands on the charts.


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